Woman’s BlackBerry stops stray bullet

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This is a true life account. Perhaps some day, your phone may save your life. Perhaps not.

Anthony Holtvogt was with his girlfriend at Fricker’s restaurant on Miller Lane Feb. 6, 2010 when he accidentally shot her.

While he was adjusting his jacket, he noticed that the slide was back on the gun and then it fired,” Bush said. “The bullet did not penetrate the cell phone. [It] bent the cell phone a little bit and made the cell phone unusable.

Thanks to the bulletproof BlackBerry, the woman walked away with just a hole in her pants and a bruise on her leg.

Here is the super-Berry that saved the day:
super blackberry1
There it is. It is a freak occurence. Don’t count on your phone being able to stop a bullet. Unless, of course, you are James Bond and carrying a specially armoured secret service special issue.

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  1. That woman is very lucky. Do the math… its probably 1 in 100,000,000 chance. So there should be no spike in blackberry sales, no chance of using it as extra protection in the streets of New York, Jo’burg or Lagos and of course no chance that blackberry will have a advert with the line… Buy a Blackberry cos it could save your life….

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