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WordPress for Android app

Sometimes, a blogger needs to crank out a quick article for publishing right away and all there is available at the tie is a mobile phone. Sometimes, it might be a detailed post. It doesn’t matter. For the most part, tools are available on mobile to take advantage of. If your blog is powered by WordPress, you have at least two mobile options available:

1. Use a WordPress mobile app. See: Apps For Managing Your WordPress Blog On Mobile
2. Use the mobile-friendly interface on your mobile browser. See: WordPress 3.8 introduces mobile administration for your blog

Both work very well. Using the WordPress apps (available for Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and BlackBerry) You can create and edit your posts (and pages), upload and format images, add tags, embed links, as well as moderate comments. The mobile administration via your phone or tablet browser even gives you more options. You can even create and polish off an article by switching between both.

However, an observation I have made is that when publishing articles via either of the above mobile means, certain plugins do not work. What do I mean? For example, the plugins we use here on MOBILITY for automatically publishing new posts on social media do not get triggered when we hit the Publish button on mobile. Email notifications don’t work too. I can understand that perhaps the necessary hooks to trigger those plugins are not built into the mobile apps, but I find it odd that they don’t work with the mobile admin interface which is essentially a specially formatted view.

Just bear it in mind that if you publish on mobile, you lose some extra functionality if you use those plugins. At least for now. Hopefully, future versions of the mobile apps and the mobile administration will rectify this.


  1. What I sometimes do is write and save from the mobile apps, because I prefer writing on the hardware keyboards on my BlackBerry. Then publish when I get a full browser.
    I concede that this is not so convenient

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