WordPress For BlackBerry 10 Has File Manager Issues

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I use the WordPress Mobile app a lot. It is handy for cranking out quick posts on the go, in bed or in the loo. I was happy to see a WordPress app available for BlackBerry 10, and I have been using it for a whole now. My summary: it socks.

File Manager

When I need to embed an image in my blog post, the file manager is unable to find the image that I want even though the image is on the phone and can be viewed using the Gallery app. If that isn’t crazy, I don’t know what is. The odd thing is that from the WordPress file manager, I am able to see and pick some images. But just not the ones that I have downloaded or sent to my Z30 via Bluetooth. I have now given up.

This issue alone is going to mean that I cannot use the Z30 as my daily driver. I blog everyday. Imagine the headache.

Text Editing

when editing text, if you have to make a correction and use the back key, the text just gets garbled up. Your most recent text is messed up. I have found a workaround, but by the gods of Mobility, no one should have to suffer it.

What to do is this: when you have completed a word and need to edit, insert the cursor in a white space and hit the down space button. Then go back to insert the cursor where you want to edit, carry out your modification, and insert the cursor in a white space and do the down space thing again. This keeps your text from getting mangled up. But do you want to write like this? I didn’t think so.

The WordPress app for BlackBerry 10 needs some work to transform it into a delightful tool. A lot of work.

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