The best repairable phone for 2016, and the worst!

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Smartphone designs have changed over the years but there are things that still remain the same. Despite the newer and more complex iterations, some smartphones remain easily repairable. Some others will need the horn of a unicorn for them to be opened up for repair work. iFixit has just released an infographic showing the most and least repairable phone for 2016. Guess which… Drum roll…

repairable phone

The Criteria for Repairable Phone Ranking

Before diving in, lets ask, how does one know a repairable phone? According to iFixit, the phone has to be easily taken apart. Removable batteries, easy-to-replace screens, and modular designs score plus points. Excessive use of glues, complex opening procedures, and soldered components deduct points.

The Worst Repairable Phone

Despite its popularity, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge are the worst phones in terms of repairability. They both score a lowly 3/10. The phones are a combination of glass and glue. Everything is sealed together and difficult to disassemble. Samsung has deviated over the years from making modular hardware to making sealed up devices.

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The best repairable phone is…

The LG G5 takes the crown as the most repairable smartphone of 2016. Its score is 8/10. For starters, it is a smartphone made with modular technology in mind. It has a removable battery, and all its parts can be taken apart and reassembled easily. LG also made external modules that can be attached to this phone for better experiences.
The LG G5

Apple iPhone 7 twins (7 and 7 Plus) and iPhone SE find their way in between, scoring 7/10 and 6/10 respectively. You can see more in the source link.


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