When I first read up an article on the unconfirmed reports made by Eldar Mutarzin that Nokia and Microsoft are in talks about having Nokia

Would you buy a WP7 device made by Nokia?

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When I first read up an article on the unconfirmed reports made by Eldar Mutarzin that Nokia and Microsoft are in talks about having Nokia produce WP7 devices, I simply waived it aside. Personally, I resist the temptation to publish vapourware.

I personally doubt that Nokia would go that route. Yes; discussions may be on to integrate services from Microsoft into Nokia’s products or have certain Ovi services powered by Microsoft. That will add more value to Nokia’s line-up than adding another platform to develop on to what they have in hand. For example, we see Nokia’s partnership with Yahoo resulting in Ovi email and chat being powered by the latter. That makes sense.

Minus the eye-candy, WP7 has nothing else to offer Nokia. Existing WP7 devices are also not exactly selling like hot cakes either. A WP7 device from Nokia does not make sense. Nokia already has Symbian for smartphones and MeeGo for tablets. What would WP7 be adopted for?

But we will have to wait to see how things go; won’t we.

For now, though, I thought it would be interesting to do a “What If” article on the subject. So, here’s the simple question:

What if Nokia produces a WP7 smartphone; would you buy one?

nokia wp71

If you would, what would be the motivating factor for your purchase? If you wouldn’t; tell us why too.


  1. There is no doubt, Nokia is king when it comes to hardware design in regards to their phones but on the software end they have not been particularly known as genius, thus in my opinion android would have been a better fit than wp7 but Nokia needs help in the software/UI department.

  2. Quam,

    If we agree that Nokia needs some help in the software/UI department, why not spend a few extra bucks to poach some good developer hands from here and there, and then unleash them to address whatever software issues exist? They have the financial muscles to do that.

    Palm did that and got WebOS. Microsoft did the same with WP7. It would be a simple matter for nokia to do that.

    Licensing an OS that other competitors are using seems defeatist to me. Nokia would become just another dog in the pack, trying to survive on some slim margin. If I was running such a company, I wouldn’t do such a thing.

    But, you didn’t asnwer the question: would you or would you not purchase a WP7 device made by Nokia?

  3. I will actually pay for a Nokia phone running WP7 once the new and expected wp7 updates have been made e.g copy and paste.

  4. If it comes from Nokia I would definitely get me one, as long as funds are available to me to make such a purchase. I won’t even wait for the big update to come to WP7 before jumping on board as my experience with Nokia over the years has shown that they always support their phones.

  5. Would rather stick to the devil i know, HTC. Doubt if Nokia can beat them in their game. Under different guises, they have been the major powers behind the propagation of the WM platform. Nokia should stick to their turf.

  6. yes if the design is appealing. i like the ms mobile office app. WP7 is an unfinished product though. i have been checking out clove and expansys for a WP7 phone from htc.

  7. Considering the many limitations of WP7, I wouldn’t buy one even if made by Nokia.

    No system-wide file manager
    No bluetooth file transfefs
    No USB mass storage mode
    No flash support in browser
    No multitasking
    No copy/paste
    No internet tethering

    That would be how many steps backwards for me – and a very frustrating user experience. No way I will be spending that much on a device that is defined more by so many lacking features.

  8. With the current state of WinPho7, not a chance!! Nokia phones are very good, usually have long battery life and are durable, but microsoft’s OS is still too immature.
    But if Nokia goes ahead, they’ll have to finally make a 1Ghz phone with other toprange hardware, what with WinPho7’s outrageous requitements.

  9. i ma use nokia, they’ve got their game and would always lookf for more ways to connect the world.

    *but am worried, they may be making so much sales but not making so much money; correct me if am wrong.

  10. I don’t think Nokia would go for a WP7 device but i think it needs to borrow a lead from Microsoft in redesigning the iteration of Symbian and Meego. but i hope they don’t change the upcoming devices too much they should change the UI part of the SymbianOS to make it more appealing to everyone but retain the functionality of the devices. the nokia betalabs people should be put to making more ports of some popular iOS and Android applications and also games

  11. I hope all those are just wishful thinkings, because it is not limited to Wp7 os alone even the android users are also wishing the same because they know what nokia can do in hardware departments.But for me, i think nokia should stick to the OSES it already has.Whoever sees what symbian and maemo5 is capable of,will know that the OSES only need some tweakings which nokia is already doing and has promised to do more with intel and other developers.Look at what nokia is doing with its series40 devices e.g c3,c3-01,x3-2 etc of recent.It has included some smart phone capabilities into them, including 3G and USB-on-the- go.However, if nokia still went ahead to that, well because i trust them, i may consider the product, but i still believe in symbian and meego.

  12. Nokia must really hate Android to even think of this ‘ERROR’ move
    I will never use a MS product on any phone-abi slave to bill gate.Desk and laptops are enough

  13. I dont mind buying a WP7 device from any manufacturer because i love the win mobile office intergration, but that will be latter latter because the OS still lacks many stuffs.

    Nokia making one will increase my chances of getting one latter latter.

  14. For everyone mentioning Office Mobile integration, Nokia does not need to make a WP7 device to provide excellent Office Mobile integration. They only need to license it from Microsoft, which hopefully is what they are talking about now.

  15. No, I would not buy any WP 7 by Nokia or any manufacturer for that matter, until ALL the stripped features of WP 6 listed by Yomi are addressed in the new platform. Boy, you can’t even sync with Outlook!!!
    I kind of prefer the Samsung approach; having their own OS has not stopped them from making phones for other platforms.

  16. brym!

    I kind of prefer the Samsung approach; having their own OS has not stopped them from making phones for other platforms.

    Samsung never had their own smartphone platform to start with. Also, Samsung has always been a multi-platform manufacturer, having produced Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android phones over the years. Adding one more was simply a furtherance of their multi-platform strategy.

    As such, the situation in which Samsung stands is very much different from that in which Nokia is. Nokia has an existing base (the largest in the smartphone world) to accomodate, and also have MeeGo to push a new line of higher-end mobile devices.

    One new endeavour is yet to “break even”; why invest in another?

  17. The Windows phone 7 has never cut it with me. I wouldn’t take it by a long shot even if it were made by ANY manufacturer; Nokia and Apple included. If you say Nokia was planning to adopt Android in one of their up-coming phones, then maybe I might just bite. Not trying to be pessimistic but I strongly feel that Windows Phone 7 is a full copy-cat imitation of iOS (Even with the bad part.) It is not only Eye-candy, but basic features that make up any smartphone.What Microsoft has done with WP7 is what iOS was 4 years ago! What it means is that if Microsoft continues the WP7 development in a stepwise fashion like Apple, It will take 4 years to catch up with others; and that is assuming other platforms are standing still. Which will not be the case.

    A good platform copies the good part and improves on the bad part of any OS! Not coping both good and bad religiously!

  18. Afewgoodmen,

    Good reasoning there. Look at Maemo/MeeGo – its got eye-candy and is lighy years ahead of WP7 in features. Why would I want to buy a WP7 device in its current state? And by extension, why would Nokia invest in a dinosaur like that?

  19. Well it is obvious at this stage it is not reasonable to buy a WP7 nokia phone…even the symbian we condemn everyday is far more satisfactory due to its maturity!

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