Would you buy panties for your mobile phones? See folks that do

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So you thought your smartphone casing is really cool. Or that phone pouch your carry is the sleekest in town? I got a shocker for you. Here’s something better. Panties. Oh yeah! panties 😀 Sounds weird right? Say hello to Pantsu!!


Japanese toy maker, Bandai produced these fun pair of accessories and called them pantsu. Apparently this was made to cover the naked private part of your phone. Besides, your phone becomes unique and every other person wants to see and touch.

These SmartPants or pantsu went viral among teens and youths in Japan. Following its success, Bandai followed up with silicone smartphone underwear of various kinds, colors and patterns. The panties are sold for $2 a piece through vending machines in the country.

They;re also found in Japanese online stores (like J-Box), sold in pairs of 7 for a price tag of $40. Would your wear these panties on your phones? I think they’re cool 😆



  1. Its obviously for fun seeking female youngsters. You cant be a guy and have this on your phone, I guess.

    And you cant be a female in a corporate environment and take this kind of case/panties to official meetings.

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