Over the years since it’s inception, MobilityArena has always focused on users first. This has started right from when I was a big fan (monitoring underground) till today…

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Over the years since it’s inception, MobilityArena has always focused on users first. This has started right from when I was a big fan (monitoring underground) till today that I’m part and parcel of the team. Our world is changing, especially in the tech world. Every brand is always in a state of flux – restructuring, reshaping and evolving.



As part of our transformation, we’re considering options. But before we proceed with this, we would like to test the waters, so first, we do a pool. Trust me guys, I’ve come up with very radical ideas in the past, and though they had the potential to fatten our pockets a bit. The ideas would have resulted to a very horrible reading experience for our site users ; our Oga at the Top vehemently refused to give his approval.


We would like to do a survey and we hope every visitor of this website should participate, so we can get the bigger picture. Cutting straight to the chase, Do you see MobilityArena running a subscription model?

Hope you know what a subscription model is? Pay a certain amount either monthly (preferably yearly), and you’re offered “more” in addition to the open and free articles that everyone already enjoys. By more, we mean an extraordinary MobilityArena experience that gives you private access to:

  • richer, more insightful articles, user surveys, etc.
  • more detailed tips and tutorials.
  • request for any article of your wish and have it published.

You get what I mean now 🙂

How much would you be willing to pay for a premium subscription service as detailed above? Thank you for participating.

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  1. Elroy , its a good idea. But I don’t think it will work in Nigeria. I doubt if people will pay. They can get the same “Paid” service for free on other websites.

    Monetising a techblog in Nigeria is very hard and I don’t know why.

  2. I’d love you know what who voted “Dislike” on this article 🙂

    Subscription is a tricky one. Does Mobility Arena have the kind of followers who would subscribe? I remember the Mobility VIP drive, how did that fare and is it ongoing, or did it fade away?

    Are we looking at a monthly subscription or will there be other options ie quarterly and annual subscriptions?

  3. Hmmm Mr Elroy, dont chase us out of mobility o. Ive been an avid fan for almost half a decade, if not more…ive witnessed this site change names two or three times and still followed althrough.

    Despite all these, I wont subscribe o. I love this site but don’t convince Mr Mo to turn this to subscription service.

    Advertisers will pay, not us. I think you should be paying us for being constant sef…and recommending this site to people.

  4. Stick with adverts.. Advertise yourself … Get readers.. Leave subscription alone… Majority including my humble self won’t subscribe, will jes move on, gsmarena dey kampe n ain’t asking for subscription

  5. N nor hype unaself abeg about caring about users… Hain… U know how many times I don complain about JavaScript error on uc mini.. Una jes nor answer like say I b nuisance

  6. First Question to ask yourself and not us “Our competition that are doing amazingly well internationally, do dey ask for subscription payment?”

  7. In as much as MobilityArena is my go to site for Naija related Tech news,making it a subscription based might not be the best idea IMO,I haven’t had to pay for it on Phonearena and co and would rather advise sticking to an advert based formula..

  8. Ah! Sir Ehis speaks. Don’t take it to heart, Elroy. People, as a rule, like free things. Not your fault the idea will hardly fly. Nice idea, though, for the few who want to take it (I’m not one of them oh!).
    PS. Another feature you can add: ability to guest post and have it published under 12 hours. 🙂

  9. Guys we are just testing the waters to see your reactions. Meanwhile thank you all for the insights, suggestions and wonderful contributions

  10. What I do? Na true I talk Na… Na to port go another free site/blog.. No hard feelings mobility FAM.. But we Africans love free things.. Make ur money off us via adverts

  11. it would be a two tier structure, with free and premium tiers. they wouldn’t be chasing anyone away, even people in the free tier would still bring in ad revenue

  12. The responses don’t surprise me, I suspected as much that those who post the most wouldn’t want to pay a subscription.

    I have to admit I’ve come across some very good blogs out there, which probably get a lot less attention than Mobility Arena. Came across them in my search for a review of a particular device. And the information therein is eerily similar.

    So, about the Mobility VIP thing: does it still exist?

  13. OK. Thought it usually took a long time for review and such. I hope to contribute someday, but for more I’m just too lazy to sit and write all I have in my head. 🙂
    Anyway, it’s OK. While I’m not on favour of the premium/base model, I understand the rationale, and I think it’s entirely up to you guys. Like Noni, the response doesn’t surprise me.
    By the way, nice title for the article. It sure sounds better than “Would you like to start paying for Mobility?” 🙂

  14. as someone who is used to consuming free content I’d be reluctant to pay for a subscription, especially since the subscription wouldn’t bring too many perks. you should look into that, especially if you follow the two tier system, there should be tangible incentives for people to enter the premium tier

  15. Lol, why do I feel like mr Noni just shaded me?

    Anyway, subscription isn’t ideal. I dont see why we need to pay for subscription in order to enjoy mobility articles.

  16. because the Mobility crew have overheads and the current revenue streams aren’t adequate, so they’re looking at new revenue streams. don’t think this is a profit drive (i could be wrong). also you wouldn’t need to pay, from what Elroy posted you’d still be able to enjoy content for free, you’d just have the option of paying for more access

  17. Omo. People de para. I love it here. And i think we are already getting more than enough. You post over five post per day, what else would an average tech reader want. Maybe if we are talking a ‘Tech Magazine’. Maybe Then I’ll bite

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