Approximately, for the past 3 years or so, if you notice, almost all phones, tablets and phablets have a set standard of ports coming with

Would you like a change of standard ports?

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Approximately, for the past 3 years or so, if you notice, almost all phones, tablets and phablets have a set standard of ports coming with it. A microUSB 2.0 port that also serves the purposes of charging, connection to USB devices (like computers), and for use with USB OTG (On-the-Go) cables. Also, for earphones, we now have a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

I don’t know if they came to a pact to agree to this, but on a serious note, this has been convenience at its peak. You can easily get replacement chargers and earphones and use them. Going back to what we used to have before, Kai!! it was hell those days. Nokia had 2 different chargers, One we call big pin and the other, small pin. (See image below)


There was this big wide port they used for both earphones and USB ports on the Nokia N70 and its siblings. Those days the USB cable in particular was big, ugly, expensive and scarce. Other phone brands then like Samsung, Motorola, Sendo, Sagem etc. also came with their own proprietary chargers and earphones with different ports too.

This was really annoying then, imagine being far from home without your charger and you happen to find a place to charge, the extra stress of finding someone with your brand of phone and your same kind of charger is almost always mission impossible. Today, you can secretly unplug your neighbors Blackberry and plug in your Samsung. (Pray make dem no catch u hehehe )

I recently came across news that they’re trying to change one of these standard ports we already have .

Please, I plead with the relevant authorities to desist from making such changes. In the name of the god of mobile, I banish such thoughts from their heads!!. Somebody say Amen to that!! 😆

  1. Apple Is Already Notorious For Championing Divergently Proprietary Hardware.Being An Dominant Force In Mobile, You Are Out Of Luck Regarding Hardware Standards.It’s Either The Apple Way, Or The Highway.

    Samsung Briefly Wanted To Go That Divergent Route.. With Some Of Their Galaxy Range That Would Verify The Connected Accessory And Refuse To Work With Non_Samsung Ones. Not Sure What The Current Position Is.

    Standards Are Good, And Should Be Encouraged.

    Unless There Is Something Being Introduced That Advances The State Of The Art, Being Different Just For Its Sake (Or Obscene Commercial Gain) Is To Be Actively Discouraged..

  2. If they are coming up with something better, why not, as long as it’s going to be universal like the current standard. What I have read about is a new plug that you don’t need to worry you’re self about how you plug it in into the device as it will fit just nicely either way.

    I certainly will appreciate this new port of it is bringing improvements to the table. My device before the current one was damaged because sometime forced the current standard Micro USB plug into it the wrong way and that meant some 15K expense that I wasn’t prepare for. The truth is, I broke the screen of the device some two weeks after purchasing it and I wasn’t bothered so much them because, the single slit that almost ran diagonally from edge to edge didn’t affect the operation in any way but when the charging port was damaged and I took it to Tecno CarlCare Center for repairs, they insisted that they can only accept the device for repairs if I was prepared to pay for the repair of the screen as well which I wasn’t. The screen was to cost 12.5K while the charging port costs 2.5K and that’s close to the half the cost of the device that I felt it’s better to invest that in a new and better device.

  3. Well if I remember correctly it was the year 2010 or 2011 when the eu suggested it. It was then called one charger to rule them all. It was agreed on by most except Apple. I have that Apple insists on making life difficult for its users and in tine this will be their undoing.
    P.s not all iPhones and iPad use the same chargers,they change it like every 2-3 years or something.

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