Wow!! This wallet also works as a power bank

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In the past on MobilityArena, we’ve used and reviewed a couple of Nomad power banks. We’ve also partnered with them last year to give away one free power bank. This time around, the company has taken their innovation to a whole new level. I hereby present to you the Nomad wallet and power bank.

Nomad-Wallet-Power-bank (1)

This is a simple looking wallet with compartments for putting cash and plenty of cards. Take closer look at the hinge side, and you see the power bank with a short charging cable. Brilliant. Nomad packed in a 2400 mAh power in here. Though they say this one supports only iPhones.

Nomad-Wallet-Power-bank (2)

Nomad claims this wallet is no thicker then the regular one we know. An Android version of the wallet is on the way. Meanwhile you can pre-order this one HERE for $79,99. Shipping start 15th of November.


  1. lol, ~ $80/NGN 16000? for a 2400 mAh powerbank? they’ve got to be kidding
    well, it’s aimed at the Apple crowd, maybe it’s appropriately priced

  2. That’s a lot of dough to pay for a power bank /wallet combo..doesn’t look practicable to me ain’t exactly in a hurry to sit down on a power bank and really where is the phone too meant to be? In the same pocket..

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