WMExperts have published news items confirming the following about WindowsPhone 7 Series: 3rd party apps cannot run in the background; only apps from Microsoft can

Wp7S: No multi-tasking; no side-loading; no copy-and-paste

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wp7logoWMExperts have published news items confirming the following about WindowsPhone 7 Series:

  • 3rd party apps cannot run in the background; only apps from Microsoft can
  • Sideloading: the only way for consumers to get apps on Wp7S is to get them through marketplace
  • No copy-and-paste
  • Silverlight not available in Internet Explorer mobile, though Silverlight is built into Wp7S itself

It is looking like Wp7S is launching as what the first generation iPhone was. How smart is that?

It is almost unbelievable that Microsoft would do something like this. Would it really hurt them to give us the fancy user interface plus multi-tasking plus side-loading plus copy-and-paste?

Was it really that hard to implement these features that they had implemented for years in their existing mobile OS? Sounds like a step forward and three steps backwards to us. But, what do we know?

This strategy may work for Microsoft in terms of overall sales (it worked for the iPhone), but then Windowsphone will lose the patronage of mobile “power users”.

Read the full news items:

  1. Wp7S Apps: No Sideloading, (virtually) no background multitasking
  2. No copy-and-paste for Windows Phone 7 Series
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  1. This is a timely article by Alireta. I have always stated quite early in the game that Microsoft was downgrading some of its key features in their WMP. Something we take for granted in smartphones and yet require so much for productivity.

    I was very observant when I watched the presentation of windows phone 7 during the Mobile world congress in Barcelona. I think this step from Microsoft is backwardness. If they were so very scared of the hapless way that the windows mobile phone was perceived worldwide and their reduction in worldwide shares, and also if they were afraid of the momentum of the iphone and the android phone, One would feel that they should take the best of both worlds, and add it to the moribund windows mobile features and proceed from there. And then come out with something naturally something pristine and better. Like the best of both worlds!!

    From these revelations of features, I just feel that Microsoft is a copy cat and bereft of ideas, by copying even negative features.

    Negative features of the WMP include:

    1.No third party multi-tasking.
    2. Black letter on white words replacement for icons.
    3. No flash. Or no Silverlight in the embedded Internet explorer mobile.
    4. No removable memory card.
    5. No backward compatibility with Windows mobile 6.5. I think this is an actual heresy!

    The only company that can get away with all these and beat up their chest with this kind of features and yet perform wonderfully well sales-wise would have been APPLE. And of course, even Apple is even ready to move into the multitasking for their speculated upcoming Iphone OS 4.0.

    I think Microsoft should go back to the drawing board or lose their high end business customers. Except they now wish to go into mainstream and rub their names in the mud. Nobody would shell out that kind of money to buy the whimsical windows Phone 7 and be shortchanged with these features!

  2. I see a big flop coming up on sales of Windows Mobile 7 series. No sense in copying Apple’s bad sides when even Apple is trying to redeem itself with the upcoming OS 4.

    Or maybe we are too hasty in judgement. Afterall, who would have though Apple’s ”insanitary” iPad would achieve sales of 51,000 units in the first 2 hrs.

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