Wp7S: No multi-tasking; no side-loading; no copy-and-paste

WMExperts have published news items confirming the following about WindowsPhone 7 Series:

It is looking like Wp7S is launching as what the first generation iPhone was. How smart is that?

It is almost unbelievable that Microsoft would do something like this. Would it really hurt them to give us the fancy user interface plus multi-tasking plus side-loading plus copy-and-paste?

Was it really that hard to implement these features that they had implemented for years in their existing mobile OS? Sounds like a step forward and three steps backwards to us. But, what do we know?

This strategy may work for Microsoft in terms of overall sales (it worked for the iPhone), but then Windowsphone will lose the patronage of mobile “power users”.

Read the full news items:

  1. Wp7S Apps: No Sideloading, (virtually) no background multitasking
  2. No copy-and-paste for Windows Phone 7 Series


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