I get selfies. I get the need to put our best face forward. We stop, put aside all our cares and troubles, smile for a

Wrapping my head around the selfie stick

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I get selfies. I get the need to put our best face forward. We stop, put aside all our cares and troubles, smile for a few moments and take a selfie to show the world how happy we are -0 even if only momentarily. And then, we resume the daily grind of living in a broken world.

Taking a selfie is like standing in front of a mirror. Only, this time, the image is immortalised and can be shared with a thousand, two million or twenty million people who do not really know us or care a hoot about what goes on in our lives. But selfies make us happy. Selfies are therapeutic. I get selfies.

selfie stick

But I do not get the selfie stick. So, we want to take selfies without our shooting arm showing in the resultant photo, or we want to take a groufie (that’s a group selfie) of 50,000 people, or we finally found out how ugly we are in close-up shots and now need a long stick to make sure that our acne, warts and moles don’t scream out the photo.

So, people wake up in the morning and feel not fully dressed if they do not carry a selfie stick along with them? I can imagine that with the stick being extensible/retractable, the ladies can carry theirs in those huge bags of theirs. The guys? Carry theirs like they would a walking stick or like a short umbrella?

No; I don’t get selfie sticks. Thankfully, I have never run into anyone using one. I have the nagging suspicion that I might do something stupid. Talk to me. Help me understand this new fad about selfie sticks.


  1. Seeing as I share the same lack of understanding I can’t help you.

    I have been around someone using one. I did say some whatthehell things.

    I just chalk it to vanity. Plus it’s where the world is going.

  2. You have to wait till you see the Belfie stick before you declare your annoyance. there is a $79.99 stick for taking belfies (bum selfies / Butt selfies)

  3. Some time ago Nokia did a selfie workshop, just to enable people to take better selfies, and the results were actually quite good (can’t find the link). That kind of thing makes me wonder why people would bother with a selfie stick.

    Recently a friend and I were out and about and saw two tourists taking a pic of themselves with a selfie stick. We actually stopped and stared at the sight, because I’d never seen one in action before. I work with someone who hails them as the best thing ever – why? Is it that much easier to take a pic than to hold the phone in your hand to do the same?

    Some people may not be that good at taking selfies, thus the stick, to get the angle just right. It also doubles as a weapon to ward off potential phone thieves.

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