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Xfiles - Danger Dash

You have purchased your brand new Nokia X – or are planning to – and now you are wondering what apps are available to use on it. The Nokia X allows you to install and use Android apps, so you have all the apps that you need within reach.

Let’s cover the basics. The following apps are pre-installed on the X:

  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Astro File Manager
  • HERE Maps (former Nokia Maps)
  • Viber
  • BBM
  • WeChat
  • Opera Mini
  • OneDrive

What of Games?

The following games come pre-installed on your X:
Xfiles - real Football 2014

  • Danger Dash
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Real Football 2014
  • Kingdoms & Lords
  • Suncity Deluxe
  • Green Farm 3
  • Wonder Zoo

Many of these apps have been optimised for superb performance on your Nokia X.

Make Your Nokia X Yours with Android apps

But should there be other apps that you require, check out the Store or a 3rd party Android app store for what you need. All the apps you need are available with Android. These include Instagram, Vine, Outlook.com, WhatsApp, SwiftKey Keyboard. And there are scores of other apps and game titles to pick from. With your Nokia X, you need not worry about getting apps.


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  1. Hello guys, You can search for OwoMobi on Nokia X app store.
    OwoMobi lets your buy airtime for your phone.

    Enjoy your Nokia X

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