So you have your new Nokia X (or XL) and need to get your contacts on to the phone. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled phone

X-files: Contact Transfer on the Nokia X in 8 steps

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So you have your new Nokia X (or XL) and need to get your contacts on to the phone. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled phone or smartphone that has your contacts already, in a few minutes, you can have all your contacts transferred over to your X smartphone. Here is what to do.

Step 1. On the Nokia X, look for the app named Contacts Transfer (see the yellow arrow) and launch it:
Xfiles - Contact Transfer on home
PS: If you can’t find it on your X, open the Nokia Store and search for it to download.

Step 2. Next up, you will see the Contacts Transfer start page. Tap the blue “Continue” button:
Xfiles Contact Transfer Start

Step 3. The next page shows you a list of available Bluetooth devices. If the device that you want to transfer from is not listed, tap the blue “Scan for devices” button at the bottom of the page:
Xfiles Contact Transfer available devices

Step 4. You will see this page next as your X device tries to connect to the other device:
Xfiles Contact Transfer Conecting

Step 5. Then, it will prompt you on both devices to pair. You have to tap “Pair” on both devices:
Xfiles Contact Transfer Pair With

Step 6. Then you need to choose your transfer settings. Select the first option. The second option is not essential if you don’t already have existing contacts on your Nokia X. Once you’ve made your selection, tap the blue “Continue” button:
Xfiles contact transfer settings checked

Step 7. Now, your contacts start being copied over from the other phone to your X. Have a small cup of ice cream. It won’t take long:
Xfiles contact transfer Copying

Step 8. Here, we see all 2,096 contacts copied over, and it all happened under a few minutes:
Xfiles contact transfer All done

Now, that all your contacts have been copied, you still have adequate time to finish your small cup of ice cream. After all, you are ready to connect now. If you have any questions, please ask away.


You can also import your Google Contacts on your Nokia X


  1. Here I am thinking my almost 900 contacts are too much, yet someone has 2,096…
    Ndeewo to you!

  2. Quite Easy & Stress Free compared to the Local Method i make use of (Though Never Knew such app does Exist ), what i Actually Did when Trying to copy some contacts form my old phone was i need to copy them from phone to sim then Now make the copying from sim to Phone….! “Phew”

  3. Contacts Transfer is the easiest and most straightforward method I’ve come across for transferring contacts from one device to another. I just wish it was available for other OSs apart from WP and the Nokia X.

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