Previously, we looked at Nokia’s Transformer phones. While they were the results of a period of crazy designs from the Finnish manufacturer, they were not

X-Men: the weird Nokia phones

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Previously, we looked at Nokia’s Transformer phones. While they were the results of a period of crazy designs from the Finnish manufacturer, they were not the only ones. Another set of phones didn’t shapeshift, but they were weird all the same. This time, we examine the weird Nokia phones.

Say hello to Nokia’s X-Men, the odd ones that stood out from the pack.

Nokia 5510 (2001)

Nokia 5510
The Nokia 5510 was the 6800 whose keypads refused to fold back in after the initial spreading out. You had to use both hands to type on this thing. Naturally, with a split keyboard like that, it was a messaging phone.

Nokia 3600/3650 (2002)

Nokia 3650
And here we have a circular keypad. I never could wrap my head around the usability of that. Oh well.

Nokia N-gage (2003)

Nokia Ngage gaming phone
Nokia N-gage was another one of the weird nokia phones, this time designed for gamers. It was clunky to use though and suffered from a lack of game apps. It didn’t do well commercially, even with a refreshed second model. But it was the first in line of gaming smartphones.

Nokia 7600 (2004)

nokia 7600
But the 3600 wasn’t much of a weirdo compared to the teardrop-shaped 7600. Just look at the keypad on this thing. How do you type on it? And did people really hold this humongosarus to their ears for telephone calls?

Nokia 7610 (2004)

Nokia 7610
The Nokia 7610 was a Symbian smartphone targeted at fashionistas. It had an off shape that seems to have been inspired again by a teardrop and an even more off keypad layout again inspired by… Sigh. Someone at Nokia back then must have spent time drooling over teardrops. Again, I worried about typing on this thing. I tried out one and the typing experience didn’t go too well.

Nokia 7280 (2004)

nokia 7280
Here was another one for the fashion conscious person. The Nokia 7280 was called the “lipstick” phone. The screen transformed into a mirror too, so you can apply all that lipstick and mascara in peace. Again, how in heaven or on earth did anyone type on this thing?! Ah!

Nokia 7710 (2005)

nokia 7710
The 7710 wasn’t so different in looks from the 7600, but it was a whole lot more functional. This guy ran Symbian OS and had a touchscreen and stylus. Yes; back in 2005. The touchscreen wasn’t as easy to use as today’s touchscreens though.

Weird Nokia Phones: Final Words

weird nokia phones
You can’t say Nokia wasn’t adventurous or didn’t dare to stretch in terms of creativity. I just think that they stretched it to levels of in-credulousness too often. Perhaps there was a special projects team responsible for these set of products and that was made up of mad scientist characters.

That’s all we have for you in this episode of the Nokia History Series. Did you own one of these weird Nokia phones? Tell us about it, please! We have another set of Nokia phones to present to you in the next part of this series. Can you guess what those phones will be all about?

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  1. The 3600 wasn’t such a strange phone, if you grew up with the old land lines that had a dial. Prior to push button phones, there was even a push button dial equivalent, so the layout on the 3600 wasn’t that strange to me.

    And Oga actually had a 7710 up until a few years ago, was still using it and all. Can’t remember what happened to it, maybe it went the way of those SIM-less CDMA Nokia phones…

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