While some individuals may think that one of these three brands is superior to the others, from the perspective of user experience, Xiaomi and TECNO and Infinix phones are all birds of the same feather.

Xiaomi, TECNO and Infinix smartphones are birds of the same feather

While some individuals may think that one of these three brands is superior to the others, from the perspective of user experience, Xiaomi and TECNO and Infinix phones are all birds of the same feather.


First, they all have a custom user interface –  a custom skin – that runs on top of Android OS. Xiaomi has MIUI, TECNO has HiOS, and Infinix has XOS. Each of these skins add various useful features and tools that users enjoy. Each is also distinctively different from what stock Android looks like. And all 3 brands are budget-centric brands. That means, they produce smartphones that cost less than what the competition offers.

Infinix and tecno and xiaomi phones


As you can see, all three brands have a lot in common. And none of these is the problem that I have with them. But they are part of the similarities that exist between all 3 brands.

What else do Xiaomi and TECNO and Infinix smartphones have in common?

But there is one other thing that they have in common, and that is a huge problem for not just me, but also many other smartphone users – advertising. Smartphones made by Xiaomi and TECNO and Infinix run ads – pop-up ads, ads in the notification shade, ads that appear while switching between apps, ads in all shapes and sizes.


It is downright annoying and intrusive. These ads interfere with the user’s flow. They are distasteful, and that is putting it mildy. When someone says that they prefer Xiaomi to TECNO, the first thing that flashes through my head is, “You prefer Xiaomi’s annoying ads to TECNO’s annoying ads?” It is like emigrating from Nigeria to Afghanistan. It is a matter of going from one painful experience to another.

Xiaomi Mi 9T cameras

When a smartphone has ads implemented in it, it impacts on your data consumption, it impacts on performance, and it impacts on the users mind. It may not look like a big deal, but it is a really big one. This is the one reason I dislike Opera browsers now. Once you install one on your phone, obstructive ads and intrusive notifications become a part of your experience on your phone.

Smartphone custom skins like MIUI, HiOS and XOS that inject ads into the user experience of their host phones are abusive, as far as I am concerned. As far as I am concerned, the only TECNO, Infinx and Xiaomi phones that really interest me for personal use are those with stock Android. They lack the manufactuer’s custom skin and so do not have those pesky ads that we all hate.

This review of the Infinix S4 includes a small section that addresses this annoying practice:

One thing I hate about XOS is the inclusion of intrusive ads. I do not know who thought this is a good idea but I find it annoying. For anyone planning to buy this phone, I would suggest you download a third-party launcher and my favourite if Nova launcher. It will help avoid some of those annoying ads that you definitely don’t need.

Infinix Hot S4 waterdrop notch

We are so bombarded with intrusive ads everywhere. As a blogger, I create, publish and share content for free, and implement ads on this blog and others to generate income. I can understand that. When I read other blogs and see ads everywhere, I understand it. Someone has to pay for the free content, so ads are understandable in that situation, as long as they are not obstructive.

But I pay to purchase a smartphone. Whether it is a budget or premium smartphone, there is an exchange of money. Why should I have to endure intrusive ads after paying for the product? No, sirs.


Which is why no matter how great or beautiful the innovation that I see in a TECNO, Infinix, or Xiaomi smartphone, no matter how excited I am about one super feature or the other, I almost always stop myself from taking the step of using one as my personal daily driver.

I will not be subjected to more ads than I am already on a device that I look at and use hundreds of times daily. And I know that a lot of users of those phones find those ads problematic. How? Many tech blogs have articles that provide tips on how to remove those same ads from Xiaomi and TECNO and Infinix phones. We even have on here on MobilityArena: How to block ads on your TECNO phone. Here is a tutorial detailing different procedures a user needs to follow to disable ads in a Xiaomi phone. That means people are complaining and looking for a way to get rid of them.

Not me. I vote with my wallet. If you put something that annoys me in your product, I weigh my options. Where it serves my purposes, I prefer to not buy the product at all than buy it and then hunt around for solutions to the problem.

Tecno Phantom 9 supports the hiOS UI which is topped on the Android 9.0 (Pie)

In an odd twist, TECNO Mobile Kenya’s Twitter handle even posted a video showing how to stop the obstructive ads on their own phones:


Wa-what? Wawu!

There is such a thing as a product that just works out of the box and that does not irritate you or annoy you in any significant way. That is the kind of product that I am most inclined to spend my money on. None of that distasteful interference from ads for me.

Like I said already, Xiaomi and TECNO and Infinix smartphones are birds of the same feather. You are welcome to disagree.

September 2019 Update: Xiaomi is working on a switch to let users disable ads in MIUI

Xiaomi has confirmed to Android Authority that they are working on a manual toggle which can be used to turn off apps in MIUI. Here is the statement:

[Xiaomi] can confirm that [the ad switch] is being tested. MIUI in China will be rolling out an update with an option to switch off display ads with MIUI 9.8.29. This will affect system apps (such as Calendar, installer, Download manager, etc.). As for a rollout timeline, I’m afraid there isn’t any that I can share at this point.

Apparently, increasing backlash from users have forced Xiaomi to reconsider this part of its business model and give users the option to disable ads.

It is nice to see Xiaomi address this. Will TECNO and Infinix do likewise?


  1. How to block ads on your TECNO phone.
  2. How to disable ads in Xiaomi phones.
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  1. Ads on MIUI can be disabled by default.

    No need to install any app, or going to any esoteric locations. Just go to the settings menu of the applications showing these ads and you’ll see an option to turn them off.

  2. I pass on any device that comes with ads. It’s bad enough that every website, browser and search engine wants to push ads and gather information about you but to spend my money for the same? No thanks.

    Given the choice, I’d prefer to pay extra than endure ads destroying a perfectly decent user experience. Surely there’s the option of buying an ad-free device?

    By the way, is this a “sponsored by” article? Asking for a friend 😁

  3. I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s absolutely true. I practically eat ads every now and then.. Now i have to check some of those tutorial in order to disable it. I hope it works…

  4. You are welcome, but you are off course. This article isn’t about which brand is better between Xiaomi, TECNO and Infinix. It is about intrusive ads experience on the three brands’ devices, and as far as that goes, Xiaomi is on the same table with TECNO and Infinix, unarguably.

    I happen to have used phones from all 3 brands too. Horible experience with the ads.

  5. I’ve got a lifetime Adguard subscription. Can’t relate 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤭🤭🏃🏃🏃

  6. I agree that they’re all birds of the same feathers. This quote got me laughing 😂 “It is like emigrating from Nigeria to Afghanistan. It is a matter of going from one painful experience to another”
    Thank you very much sir for this insight

  7. While we’re on this issue of Ads on a phone that has been paid for, there’s a related issue that has been bugging my mind. It’s the issue of ads on pay TV such as Dstv. I have paid to watch the programs, why should they bug my life with ads. I can understand free to air TV stations showing adverts. Definitely not subscription ones.

  8. Asin. If you’re going to be showing me ads, you might as well reduce my subscription fee. I can’t remember which US streaming service is planning on introducing a low fee subscription plan supported by ads. Makes plenty sense. Pay less, get ads. Win win. *Hopefully it only affects streamers not downloaders like me 🤭🤭*

  9. You are not wrong, Mister MO. Right from the start, I have always known these three smartphone brands are all the same. Looking at the looks and the display of these devices, one can actually tell. I’m really a fan of these devices but the only thing positive about them is producing affordable phones for people to buy.

  10. Surprised these ads thing is a problem on Xiaomi. Using a redmi for over a year and not once did I get intrusive app except when I install a freeware from playstore which I almost always delete…. This is even before I found the Authorization and revocation option in setting and ad services in privacy.
    Think for Xiaomi the ads are zero or almost with their global ROM
    Been a while I used a Tecno or infinx, last being a hot s, so can’t say.

  11. I’ve always been thinking Xiaomi is a much better product. Probably ranked world number 3 in that regard (my thought). But this article has thrown that into the trash can. This is why it’s good to consult people who have the knowledge before embarking on anything.

  12. I think Tecno is a little ahead on this road. Even at that, there are ads every and their are ways to avoid them.

  13. those ads could really get annoying, thank God Tecno mobile have provided an alternative on how to block those ads from popping up.

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