Xiaomi: Android 6 Marshmallow coming to Mi 4 and Mi Note soon

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Xiaomi is on a roll. Just after making Windows 10 Mobile available for the LTE model of the Mi 4, the company has announced that both the Mi 4 and Mi Note will be getting Android 6 Marshmallow soon.


One of my gripes with the Mi 4 is the fact that it still runs Android 4.4.4 Kitkat. Apparently, the device hasn’t seen Lollipop because Xiaomi is jumping and passing over it to implement Marshmallow. Now, I have a good reason to keep it around for a while.

The upcoming Marshmallow update will see both devices still retaining MIUI 7 user interface. No specific date has been given. “Soon” is all that we have.


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    1. they haven’t announced a date, it could be mid next year as well. plus. i don’t see how that makes them trust worthy? if TECNO releases the update when they said they would isn’t that trustworthiness?

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