Updated with download link: Xiaomi Mi 4 gets Windows 10 Mobile

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Windows Phone lovers who have been drooling over the Xiaomi mi 4’s hardware can throw a party now. Windows 10 Mobile will be officially available for the device today, 3rd of December. Earlier in the week, Bin Lin, VP of Xiaomi, put up a post on Weibo that Windows 10 Mobile will be released for the Mi 4.


You might recall that Microsoft and Xiaomi had earlier partnered to run Windows 10 Technical Preview trials on the Mi 4. Apparently, the trials went well and the mi 4 runs Windows 10 Mobile well.

Rumours say that only the 4G version is eligible for this though. Bummer.

Download the Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 LTE. Don’t forget: it is for the LTE model only.


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  1. The article is somewhat confusing,is the W10 update for devices already running the Windows OS or for Android OS devices being converted to Windows 10..

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