A look at the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 camera and other cool features

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The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 camera has been in the spotlight since the first leaks of the device appeared. The phone already stands out for its 5G network support, and 10GB RAM. But a 24-megapixel selfie camera is something to talk about.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Camera

The Mi Mix 3 has a dual selfie camera in front and a dual main camera at the back. While we already know that one of the lenses of the selfie camera has 24 megapixels, there are no details yet of the specs of the phone’s main camera. As soon as details emerge, we will update you.


Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 sliding design camera

The selfie camera of the Mi Mix 3 also makes face unlock possible. A leaked video has demonstrated that it works well and is very fast. Fast is good, but how reliable is it? Face Unlock has been proven to be pretty insecure. iPhone XS and Mate 20 Pro have the most advanced FaceID around, and both have been easily fooled by simple pranks.

Face Unlock technology is still mostly a fancy gimmick and not to be trusted much. The technology needs to mature.

Having looked at the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 cameras, it is time to examine the design of the phone.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Sliding Design

xiaomi mi mix 3 camera and sliding design

The Mi Mix 3 has thin bezels on all sides. This includes the top. So, how is the dual selfie camera positioned? The phone has a top section in which the selfie camera is positioned. So, you slide it up to reveal the dual camera and snap away.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 sliding design is an innovative solution to the notch problem.

xiaomi mi mix 3 camera sliding design

Other Features

As has been mentioned, the Mi Mix 3 has 5G internet and 10GB RAM (the first in a smartphone). There were initial rumours of the phone having an under-display fingerprint scanner, but those have been put to rest with new leaks that show a rear-mounted scanner.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Release Date

The Mi Mix 3 will be officially announced on October 25, 2018, so we do not have long to wait for the full specifications.

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