Xiaomi outmuscles Apple to reclaim top spot in China : Q2 2015 report

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Earlier this year, Apple became the top selling smartphone in China. This was boosted by strong sales and more Apple stores that were opened in the region. Over to the second Quarter of 2015, and the story appears to have taken a new turn.

Results from 2 separate analysts indicates that Xiaomi have once again out-muscled Apple to become number 1 once again in China. The first report from Canaly’s says that in Q2 2015, Xiaomi shipped 15.9 percent of all smartphones in China, followed by Huawei with 15.7 of shipments and Apple sitting at third place.

A separate report from Counterpoint Research firm agrees with the result, though with slightly different values. They reposted Xiaomi claimed top spot with 15.8 percent market share, while Huawei took 15.4 percent and Apple managed 12.2 percent.

The decline in Apple sales maybe as a result of buyers anticipating a new iPhone later this year. On the other hand, Xiaomi grew because of successes of the Mi Note and Redmi 2. Also according to the reports, Samsung is struggling in the Chinese market as they languish in 5th behind Vivo.


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  1. Samsung isn’t a horse in this race – clearly at the moment it’s between Apple and Xiaomi. However we shouldn’t underestimate the likes of Huawei et al.

    As the article points out, the iPhone 6 is no longer new in the Chinese market, but it would be interesting to see the lay of the land when the new iPhone is released later this year.

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