Breaking: Xiaomi Partners Leica Camera AG, to launch a co-branded phone in July

It is finally official: Xiaomi and German photography brand, Leica Camera, have partnered in mobile imaging. In a nutshell, this means we will be seeing a Leica-branded Xiaomi premium flagship soon.


The official announcement says to expect a “new era” in July 2022. We can expect a Xiaomi smartphone with a Leica-branded camera by that date. Leica AG is not new to smartphone partnerships. Before now, the German camera firm has partnered up with other cell phone brands like Sharp, Huawei, and Panasonic.

Xiaomi Partners Leica Camera AG
Xiaomi Partners Leica Camera AG

In the last few years, Xiaomi has risen to become a solid camera phone giant in the industry, producing models that go head-to-head with the best from Apple and Huawei. A partnership with Leica is a logical step forward. Whether this is a skin-deep collaboration involving filters or a deep hardware development effort is yet to be seen.

In recent years, camera brand collaborations have not always produced the desired results. Hopefully, this will not be the case with Xiaomi and Leica. July is close enough, though, and we shall soon see what these two have been cooking. Leica has been extremely successful with Huawei camera phones, and perhaps can bring that magic over to Xiaomi.


July will likely see the announcement of the much rumoured Xiaomi 12 Ultra, and our best is that it carry the first Leica-branded camera in a Xiaomi smartphone.

Follow-up news: Huawei has confirmed that its deal with Leica has ended. The P50 series were the last Leica-branded Huawei flagships. Xiaomi is definitely gunning to take Huawei’s place, in every way, globally.

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