Fans of the products of Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, are constantly asking us for stores in Nigeria where they can pick up Xiaomi smartphones from. Unfortunately,


Xiaomi smartphones finally hitting Nigerian stores

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Fans of the products of Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, are constantly asking us for stores in Nigeria where they can pick up Xiaomi smartphones from. Unfortunately, due to a protracted legal face-off between mi-Fone and Xiaomi over usage rights to the “Mi” brand in the country, the brand has been conspicuously absent from stands and shelves in stores.


In early 2016, I was contacted for a meeting by an official of Xiaomi’s representatives in Africa. At the meeting which took place at Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja, we talked about the situation. I was also showed a handful of devices that were said to be hitting the stores within months.

Xiaomi Smartphones: Better Late Than Never

It is almost mid 2017 now – about 11 months after that meeting – and though it has been a long time coming, Xiaomi stands are finally hitting some stores in Lagos. We ran into one yesterday at Computer Village, Ikeja. We are able to say authoritatively that Xiaomi smartphones are finally hitting stores in Nigeria.


What models are fans to expect? For one, the popular Redmi Note 3 will be on sale. The gargantuan Mi Max is on the list. And for the more budget inclined, the Redmi 4A will be on offer too.

Xiaomi smartphones


It is interesting that asie the Mi Max, the brand’s other flagship devices like the Mi 6 and Mi 5 are not included. And the current list isn’t a big catalogue by any stretch, but it is good news all the same. Hopefully, more Xiaomi models will show up eventually.

Xiaomi fans will be excited at this development. What to do if you are itching to get your hands on one of the listed smartphones? Check in your favourite phone store.

What of mi-Fone?

We wonder what this development means for mi-Fone. We will reach out to the South African brand to find out. Hopefully, there has been an amicable resolution that allows both brands to co-exist in the Nigerian market. That would be a win-win.

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  2. Speak for yourself bro, i currently use a xiaomi device and it’s build quality boast far more than any of our house hold brand over here. Both price and quality wise

  3. Hope Xiaomi will give us devices that support all the 4g networks in Nigeria. Best thing for a late comer to get some share of the market.

  4. @Innocent what quality brand are we looking for in Xiaomi when we have an affordable Infinix zero4plus with good build quality? And also the likes of Gionee.

  5. Xiaomi phones are cheaper than Infinix and Tecno phones. Recently I sold Xiaomi Redmi 4a 16Gb version for just 35k with little profit added. This is a phone with 2Gb ram, 16Gb rom, 5″ screen, snapdragon 425 etc

  6. Xiaomi phones are head and shoulders above infinix, tecno, gionee and the daily players in Nigerian market, you won’t know till u use one urself or read it up online

  7. Here is my conclusion about Xiaomi devices:

    The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 looks like a great bargain. For the price, you get a solid smartphone with more features, power and performance than others that cost more. Every time I handle a Xiaomi smartphone, I do get the impression that should that brand invade Nigeria, it would be the smartphone brand to beat.

    Source: Redmi Note 4 hands-on

  8. my problem with Xiaomi & the other big Chinese OEMs is their skins, they change almost everything. otherwise their devices tick all the boxes

  9. But smartphones running on qualcomms is usually hard to root that’s why I don’t like them..

  10. Xiaomi devices are great no doubt but I think if they are serious about Nigerian market they should start with the likes of Note 4, MI max and other with great battery life.

  11. This is more than great news but the redmi note 4x should have been included, the note 3 is so yester years . Love that device.
    Looking forward to the pricing

  12. I’ve been a die hard lover of there product. My radar is on xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Snapdragon) at the moment, definitely going to be my next phone but problem is, i don’t know any reliable source to get it.
    Plz,Mr Mo, i need ur help.. Link me with a reliable source

  13. Mr. Mo, pls is there any Xiaomi office in Nigeria, my xiaomi redmi pro was locked and i was unable to unlock it even with the right password and my fingerprint. pls i urgently need my phone to be repaired. Thanks

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