Xiaomi takes 3; further punctures the US smartphone market myth

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Xiaomi Mi4

From 5th place globally in August, Xiaomi has further grown to now occupy the 3rd place in the global smartphone market. In three months. And without leaving Asia. Tell me again about smartphone manufacturers needing the US market in order to succeed. That others were unable to succeed without the US market clearly does not mean it was impossible. They just couldn’t.

Xiaomi has busted that myth. No-one really needs the US smartphone market to succeed. Plus, just in case you missed the memo, that market is stagnant – something some of us have been saying for months. China and a host of emerging markets are where the action is now. For everyone still thinking that the US market holds the key, feel free to park nicely with your posterior in the air. Pardon my Chinese.


  1. China has at least 4 times the population of US so it’s not surprising.
    Lenovo overtook HP too by shipping more PCs. Asia has a huge and unsaturated market.

  2. The issue is not who is number 1 2 or 3. The issue is who makes the most profit. Let’s wait and see their finacial reports and compare it with that of samsung or even apple. US still gives higher profits than any other market.

  3. @Mark Are you kidding me? Jesus! Cant you just get it? Profit is rising…. thats what took them from #5 to #3

  4. Let’s wait and see their financial reports first. Remember Samsung is number 2 yet they have just claimed their first loss.

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