Things can get overwhelming during the Yuletide season. Sometimes, you need to roll on a tight budget. So I came up with Xmas shopping ideas

Here Are Five Techy Xmas Shopping Ideas For Less Than $20!

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Things can get overwhelming during the Yuletide season. Sometimes, you need to roll on a tight budget. So I came up with Xmas shopping ideas that cost you $20 or less.

While some people might argue that Nigerians are more Catholic than the Pope, you may have to agree with regards to religious festivities. Public sites (not only in Lagos), ranging from corners shops to shopping malls, are already being festooned with Christmas decoration. Luckily, even inhabitants of the heavily built-up Lagos metropolis have caught a slight whiff of the harmattan chill that heralds the Christmas atmosphere. So, Christmas season has officially arrived! By extension, shopping season has also opened.

Quick one; what are you getting for yourself and those in your Family and Friends clique? If you are the geeky type and keeping a tight hold on your purse strings this time of the year, here is some cheery news for you. 

MobilityArena 2018 Xmas Shopping Ideas

Here are some really cool (and even nerdy) gifts that you can order for $20 or less. Even at the current exchange rate, these deals are still a steal. So, let’s dive right in…

Cordless Dremel Tool

Touted as the swiss army knife of power tools, it is certainly a must-have for most people. Ok, married guys, this is an absolutely must-have for you. Surely don’t want the missus upset over something that you could just fix sharply. No need to call the carpenter or his other colleagues.

With the Dremel power tool, you can do your cutting, polishing, sanding, carving and even more. Again, for the guys, why miss the entire Champions’ League match because you had to use some old-school appliance? Dremel’s got back your back and for a miserly $20.

Xmas Shopping Ideas: Cordless Dremel Tool

Mpow Bluetooth Stereo Adapter

Even with the advent of digital music, many cars (especially our Tokunbo variety) come with stereo sets. Playing your MP3 files can be stressful. Some car owners even buy this cassette thingy with an audio jack that connects to a mobile phone. Long, long thing! Come on, wires are supposed to be old school.

One of our Xmas shopping ideas is Mpow’s Bluetooth Music Receiver. This stereo Bluetooth adapter plugs right into the auxiliary jack on the stereo player and all you need to do is pair with your smartphone. Boom! You have your fav music jamming right inside your car. No wires needed.

That’s not all. You can also connect two devices simultaneously, meaning it can stream music from your tablet and also take hands-free calls from your phone.

Yeah, you’re worried about battery life. No worries there as it barely sips power so you’re good to go for some ten hours. Best part is, it costs just $15. Worth every cent I’d say.

Xmas shopping ideas: Mpow music stereo adapter
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Google Cardboard

Google just loves that No. 1 position! The tech company is already striving for that coveted position in the Virtual Reality Headset market with its Google Cardboard. Well, the exterior of the package does look a lot like its name but that takes nothing away from its entertainment capabilities.

Just download the right software on your Android or iOS smartphone and you’re all set for great entertainment for just….$15. That’s right.

Xmas shopping ideas: Google cardboard
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Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Wired charging is fast becoming old school. If you’re still trying to buy a wired charger, chances are the tech train is leaving you behind. What’s the point in being tied to your table’s apron strings? Get free with a Qi wireless charger. All you need to do is place your phone on this cool device and watch it gobble up the watts to get charged. What’s the cost of getting free of a wired life? Just $15. Pretty cheap huh?

Xmas shopping ideas: Qi Wireless charging pad
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ZX110 Headphones

When you’re looking for a headset that gives great quality sound without digging a ‘beats by Dre’ size hole in your pocket, the ZX110 headphones by Sony is a great option. Not only is it comfortable to use, with foam-padded cushioning, the sound being produced is way beyond its price tag of $11. Headphones reviews are very tasking and discouraging, just when you think you’ve found a nice one, the reviews discourage you but this baby from Sony is a cut many. And for the price, it’s a steal.

Xmas shopping ideas: ZX110 headphones
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Those are all the Xmas shopping ideas we have for you for now, guys and gals. There are more deals out there for the asking. You can be sure we’ll bring more your way within this season. Stay tuned!

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