Xperia X10 Mini Pro Screenshots

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Here’s a gallery of screenshots taken off the Sony Ericssson Xperia X10 Mini Pro. It is running a nicely-customised version of Android 1.6.

snap20100921 055341
My desktop
snap20100921 055405
Menu - pops up from below and then side-scrollable to access other apps
snap20100921 073102
Screen Lock active
snap20100921 073124
Contacts List
snap20100921 073139
Tap on a name in the Contact List for more details. Send SMS, email or MMs; initiate phone call
snap20100921 073133
Favourites for one-click dial of most used contacts
snap20100921 083637
Outgoing Call - Options to enable speakerphone, mute call, access dial screen or hangup. Note notification icons in upper portion of the screen
snap20100921 083623
Incoming Call - move horizontal slider to left to answeer; to right to reject
snap20100921 073205
Gmail Inbox
snap20100921 073212
Gmail - Received message options
snap20100921 1825301
SMS Conversation in landscape
snap20100921 055550
Browsing Mobility Nigeria in built-in browser
snap20100921 073403
Camera Interface - Simple, High usability
snap20100921 055334
Android Market

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  1. Nice Shots.

    The beauty of Android is that the OS is growing and at a really high rate and the guys behind it are great listeners.

    Six Home screens on this phone, that is really nice.

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