Yada, yada… Motorola CEO blames Android for performance issues

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If you have been wondering why your Android smartphone hasn’t been working as well as it should be, Motorola’s CEO, Dr. Sanjay Jha, says it’s because of the openess of the Android OS.

Really? Yes; really. Here are his points:

  1. He says that because the Android Market is open, anyone can upload almost any type of applications, implying rogue apps that impact battery life
  2. He also says that 70% of the phones that are returned are because of issues caused by applications.

Errrr, we are thinking, were these not some of the same issues that people griped about Symbian? What’s new? Next!

And the Solution?
Jha’s solution to all the above is MOTOBLUR, Motorola’s proprietary software layer that runs on top of their Android phones. Motorola is using BLUR to collect data on the applications that people use on their phones and the way they affect the performance of their devices. Thanks to this information, they will soon be able to issue warnings if an applications, say, is going to have a dramatic effect on the phone’s battery life.



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  1. i think the main cause of the problem itself is motoblur.
    i would actually love a situation where manufacturers give end user the option of removing their bloated skin customization and chosing stock android.

  2. Well if the battery issue is affecting Motorola devices mostly, then I believe there’s something they are not doing right.

  3. ‘Motorola’s CEO, Dr. Sanjay Jha, says it’s because of the openess of the Android OS.’

    Maybe they should start thinking of jumping ship to a non-open-source OS? No permanent friend in business / politics!

    ‘Errrr, we are thinking, were these not some of the same issues that people griped about Symbian?’

    Sure were!

    There is not much anyone can do about this.

    Even when stringent measures are imposed to ensure ONLY qualitative applications are installed on a platform (e.g. iOs stingent software certification, signing of apps in Symbian), people will still jailbreak, mod and hack, produce custom ROMs. It is a thriving ‘enthusiasts’ industry!

    People will try out apps from unverified sources – for kicks.

    Some rules-of-thumb could be :

    1. Do not jailbreak, hack, MOD or use custom ROMs.

    2. If you must install thirdparty software, ensure it is from reputable Software Authors.

    Not following these two guidelines may have unpalatable consequences .

    Of course this is ‘winking in the dark’ for most technomanias – of no consequence. What is (mobile) computing without sporadic software glitches 🙂

  4. Notwithstanding the fact that Android drains battery because of the power of the devices we all know that most of these skins also contribute more problem.

    For me I choose Pure Android.

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