Yahoo acquires Aviate, the intelligent Android homescreen

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Yahoo has further stepped up its mobile drive with the acquisition of Aviate, an intelligent homescreen app for Android OS.

What Aviate does is that it automatically organizes your apps on your homescreen based on your usage, so you get to information faster. It also changes what it presents to you during different times of the day, based on your usage and needs. All automatically. If you think of it as artificial intelligence, you are not far from the truth. Aviate turns your Android homescreen into an efficient personal assistant that simplifies your life, presenting you information at the moment it’s most useful.

Want to try Aviate? It is still in beta and requires an invite. Download


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  1. First learnt of Aviate from diaryofageek Blog many months ago.

    I was totally incurious. Yahoo splashing money on it seems strange, but then….

    Would love to know what facilities Aviate offers that other apps have not been offering for ages.

    Tasker, AutomateIt, Llama, Automagic etc all do automation, with your imaginative_ness being the only limit.

    Lots of Android Launchers also give contextual / conditional app list.

    Oh, well..

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