Yahoo Messenger Is Dead

Yahoo Messenger

It hit me this morning. Yahoo Messenger is dead. I haven’t logged in there in months now. Plus, the last few times that I logged in months ago, I had only one regular active contact on there. Just one. There used to be a time when all my instant messaging was done via Yahoo Messenger. Now, it is just a ghost town to me. In my circles, I was one of the last men standing. And now, even I am gone.

I do not doubt that there are still people who use Messenger regularly, but in today’s world of Facebook Chat, Google Chat and WhatsApp, those users are likely to be in the minority. I really am wondering what the spread of instant messaging services usage is like now. Of those who have abandoned Yahoo Messenger, what alternatives have they migrated to, and why?

Anyway, when I am done typing this article, I will be uninstalling Messenger from my netbook and mobiles. Here is my epitaph to a fine service that once kept me connected day after day for years. Yahoo Messenger as a service may not be exactly dead, but it is dead to me.

If you once used Yahoo Messenger, why did you leave and for which alternative service? If you still use Messenger, do tell us how it is in those streets.

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