I am a big fan of the Windows Phone platform. The clean, elegant and smooth interface is exactly what I want in a mobile. I

Yay! Skype makes Windows Phone more attractive to me

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I am a big fan of the Windows Phone platform. The clean, elegant and smooth interface is exactly what I want in a mobile. I have been lusting after the Dell Venue Pro for months now. You all know that I live and breath by QWERTY. The Venue Pro’s large 4.0 inch display and nice QWERTY keyboard makes it a very attractive device for me.

However, the lack of Skype on Windows Phone has been a stumbling block to me. I carry two devices at the moment – the Samsung Galaxy S II for my voice, SMS and multimedia needs, and the Blackberry 9810 for my mobile office needs. Unfortunately, there is no Skype app available for the BlackBerry platform. Getting a Windows Phone for everyday use (to likely replace the SGSII) before now would have meant carrying around two devices without Skype. In my books, not good.

I pick my devices such that they complement one another. A Windows Phone and BlackBerry combination would have been a bad idea – but not anymore!

With Skype available for Windows Phone, now I can start exploring how to get my grubby hands on a Dell Venue Pro, all other things being equal.

  1. I don’t mean to rain on your parade but don’t expect to be receiving Skype calls on your phone unless the app is open. Unlike other platforms Skype needs to be the active app in order to receive video/voice calls. It makes me wonder what Microsoft has been doing all this time…

  2. Apart from Skype, the loop in of Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn makes the window 7.5 mango flawless, I have been using the HTC HD7 For six months and I haven’t had issues with phone software hanging, am happy I made a fantastic decision in acquiring the window phone. I can’t Wait to grab the Nokia Lumia 900

  3. If only skype could be made available for the blackberry platform………just wondering!

  4. Skype is great but not good enough for me, I need bluetooth transfer and mass storage plus access to file system.

  5. I’ve been thinking of getting a WindosPhone device for months now but not still convinced if I’ll be able to cope with its flaws. I’m in love with its UI and UX but the lack of USB mass storage, Bluetooth, good multitasking and the inability to purchase the few available apps from Nigeria is scaring me away. I still think a ‘Smartphone’ should work independent of a PC and that cannot be achieved with WP.
    Please advice.

  6. I just downloaded it on my HD7 and works seemly.

    Lately I’ve thinking of dropping the windowsphone, now I have a good reason to hold on to it.

    I just love the feel and simplicity of the WindowsPhone

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