Yes; Following Mister Mobility Can Mess With Your Head

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This morning, someone tweeted something about the problem she has with following me on Twitter. She has a point. A very good point. Following me – on Twitter or in real life – can be a traumatic experience. Here is her tweet:

Yes; a lot of people ask me about the best phone to buy. I know that most people want to have an answer like: the Samsung Galaxy Bingo is the best. Or the Nokia Lumia 3310 is better than the Apple iPhone 79. Unfortunately, that is not how it works for the most part. You see, as I have always said, it all depends on what you need. there is no universal “best phone”.

Here is the summary again: Different phones are better at different things than others. Don’t live by hype. Lookout for your own needs and interests. Every time someone asks me: “Which is better: the MoPhone or the BanksPhone?” I ask them: What are your needs? What are the things that are most important to you in a phone? It is the longer route, but it is the sensible route. So, yes; following me can mess with your head. But then, that is part of why I included in my Twitter bio, “Maverick; please do not follow.”

If you haven’t read my article, What Smartphone Is Best For You, what else have you been reading?

  1. Lol @ Samsung Galaxy Bingo.

    Well here is my ideal phone………………*drum roll*………………. a 5′ Nokia Lumia 1020 phone with removable 3000 mAh battery battery that runs Android OS. And can also prepare me breakfast. Yep, that’s it.

  2. I just want a phone that can make the perfect pounded yam (not that yukky powdered mess). I don’t ask for much.

    Oh, a good battery life and handy size (not a Sony Xperia Giganticus) would be equally appreciated.

  3. While we seem to be into the funnies, I’ll state that I want a phone that can tell me where the money is! But really, I actually want the best of all OS’s…I want them all, if I can.

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