ZDNet reports: Advertisement McAfee has released its third quarter Threats Report, and the findings aren’t all that much different from the second quarter issue: Android

Yet another report says Android is the biggest target for mobile malware

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ZDNet reports:


McAfee has released its third quarter Threats Report, and the findings aren’t all that much different from the second quarter issue: Android is basically a mess when it comes to malware.

Key points from the ZdNet news item include:

  • Android’s “open source” nature is what is leaving the door open to mobile malware.
  • the amount of malware targeted at Android devices jumped by almost 37 percent since the previous quarter.
  • nearly all new mobile malware that was produced during the third quarter was targeted at Android.
  • The most common new forms of malware attacking Android were SMS-sending Trojans that collect personal information and steal money, as well as malware that records phone conversations and forwards them to the attacker.

Read the ZdNet news item: McAfee threats report: Android is in the crosshairs

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  1. That report just about repeated what we already know about Android with what I believe to be intent on spreading FUD.

    This is a security company that sees Android, the dominant platform on mobile devices and knows there is huge market there to capitalize upon. If there are no malwares then create one, either by actually creating them or creating them in their report.

    I’m not moved by such alarmist reports that’s going to benefit the reporters directly.

  2. even if this threat is true,just as developers provide malwares,they also provide anti-malware applications. most anti-virus applications come with malware protection capabilities so once installed on your device,you are good-to-go.

    all these false media reports making the rounds about the android platform are borne out of the mere fact that its fast becoming a threat to other platforms so they are looking for cheap propaganda to discredit it.

    i’m busy with my “android-love” having fun

  3. I won’t be dithered from using android by such propaganda to win cheap popularity. No platform is a safe haven as long as human error is concerned. When it comes to android, the fanboys of the old master which has been relegated to the background begin to raise their veins.

  4. Naija

    You guys seriously believe that the reputable McAfee is doctoring the results? Smh. Let’s stop behaving like ostriches. The article didn’t say that Android is less secure than iOS OR Symbian for instance. But that the amount of malware targetted towards it is much higher than that targeting other platforms. And it makes much sense because Android is now the dominant platform. 

    Let’s look at the case of Desktop OS. I don’t believe that Mac OS X or Linux OS is more secure than Windows, if you take even a perfunctory look at them. Windows is by far the worldwide dominant OS, so Hackers spend more time developing viruses for it. Because Windows deskstop OS has the highest number of malware. That doesn’t mean it’s more insecure. It just simply means it is popular and targeting it As a Hacker means you may be successful in your devious means. But I doubt a Hacker would waste much time and resources on targeting Linux OS for instance as compared with Windows.

    Furthermore, considering the open nature of Android, I don’t see why you guys feel that the report was made to discredit Android. I think it actually does Android a compliment!

  5. @AfewGoodMen, a decorated Ostrich is still an Ostrich

    Besides, A man convinced against his will , is of the same opinion still

    You only see what your eyes want to see..

    This is just a wanton waste if time discussing this issue further- just like the OperaMini vs UC Mobile (compression _)superiority debate.

    Facts and logic will not convince a mind That is made uo..

  6. good contributions by both the android fans and those that chose to be objective. The truth remains that we are all aware of the pros and cons of deciding which smartphone we rock. Depending on which side rocks our boat, we go with.

    I am an android user and despite subject article, i will still rather roll with android than tolerate the limitations on competing platforms. At least for now.

  7. all dis android haters. which is more secure please? I see android as a flashy japanesse car with fibre insecure body and symbian as a good old strong body peugeot 504. take ur pick. beauty, estatics or strong and ugly.

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