I recently got my hands on a Yezz Andy C5VP smartphone. I have used it for a little while now. Here is my Yezz Andy

Yezz Andy C5VP review: No bells and whistles

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I recently got my hands on a Yezz Andy C5VP smartphone. I have used it for a little while now. Here is my Yezz Andy C5VP review.

Yezz Andy 4G C5VP in hand homescreen

Yezz Andy C5VP review: Design

The device has a nice appearance, with curved corners and an impressive 5-inch screen. It has its power button at the right side, and the volume buttons at the left. There is no branding on the front of the phone, so it is easy to mistake it for a TECNO, which is exactly what a friend did. The back cover of the phone is quite flat and smooth, and the phone comes with two extra back covers in different colors, for those that do not like black.

Yezz Andy C5VP review: Multimedia

The phone’s sound quality is okay, though the loudspeaker is not quite awesome. It gets much better when you plug in your earphones. Use your own earphones, mind you, because the earphones that come in the pack are shitty. The video playback is quite brilliant, though, with nice HD quality when you use apps like MX player.

Yezz Andy C5VP review: Camera

The device comes with a 13 megapixel back camera, which in my experience has not been too awesome in low light, even with the flash turned on. The front camera (2MP) is, well, not awesome. I’m not a camera expert, but I can tell that the pictures taken with this phone are not really breathtaking.

Yezz Andy C5VP

Yezz Andy C5VP review: Performance

The device comes with 1GB of RAM. This does not really help if you are into heavy usage, for example if you play games like Grand Theft Auto or Asphalt Nitro, etc. on it. But smaller games and apps run quite smoothly without any noticeable lags. There was one time though, when the device crashed while installing a particular Dictionary app. When this happens, just reboot the phone. Problem solved.

We ran our usual benchmark tests and got the following results:

  • AnTuTu: 15,600
  • Geekbench 3: Single-Core: 352; Multi-core: 1,179
  • Quadrant: 5,319

Yezz Andy C5VP review: Battery

The device comes with a 2020 mAH battery, which lasts for about 7 hours with moderate usage. The battery takes more than 2 hours to charge, though, which is equal to about 50 percent of forever. It is okay for long periods of music playing (for music freaks like me), but do not depend on it to last for two days.

Yezz Andy C5VP review: 4G LTE Tests

In our 4G tests, the Yezz Andy didn’t latch on to either Smile or Ntel 4G networks.

Yezz Andy C5VP review: Miscellaneous

The device has these beautiful notification lights. Unfortunately, it also comes with some unnecessary pre-installed apps, which just sit there and consume space. But with the 8GB of internal storage, there’s enough space for all your stuff, or some of it anyway.

Yezz Andy C5VP


The Yezz Andy C5VP is a nice device. It is not particularly breathtaking like some high end devices (it is just a budget phone after all), but it does what you need it to do. It costs just below N20,000, depending on retailer and location. If you need a device in that class, then this is the phone for you.

Do check out our Yezz Andy C5VP gallery and specifications sheet!

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