Yezz Mobile arrives Nigeria with Android, Windows & Firefox devices

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Remember the American brand, Yezz Mobile? We published a fact file on them back in December last year. Well, they are making a push into the Nigerian smartphone market.

Yezz Billy 4.7

Yezz Mobile say they will kick things off in Nigeria with Android and Windows Phone devices, and shortly after a range of Firefox OS devices. Firefox OS fans in the country will be delighted to have a brand push their favourite OS in their market. No other brand officially sells Firefox OS phones in Nigeria at the moment.

The Nigerian smartphone market is a very crowded space right now and gets more and more crowded. Still the huge potentials are there and we look forward to seeing how Yezz will fare here.

  1. Good to see them back and hitting the ground running. Even if the market seems crowded, they’re offering an alternative to the rest, namely the Firefox OS.

    It will also be interesting to see how their Windows 10 Mobile phones are priced compared to the Lumias.

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