Advertisement My Nokia N9 arrived yesterday, but I was out and about the whole day and didn’t get it till I was on my way home. Anyone…

Mr. Mo’s Nokia N9 unboxing



My Nokia N9 arrived yesterday, but I was out and about the whole day and didn’t get it till I was on my way home. Anyone who knew how Lagos was yesterday knows that vehicular traffic was killing.

I rarely do unboxings. However, I was stuck in traffic for hours, many times at a stand-still for several minutes. To while away the time, I decided to do an on-the-road unboxing. Enjoy the pics and comments below.


width=”auto” The sales box is very compact.
unboxing box open
width=”auto” Open Up. My unit is a sleek black slab.
unboxing full details
width=”auto” In the pack: N9 device, pouch, audio headset, wall socket, USB cable, Quick Guide


  1. This Nokia N9 is a gift from Nokia West Africa
  2. This is my 3rd smartphone gift from Nokia
  3. Nokia West Africa is a client of mine as well
  4. The above facts notwithstanding, I have always made my device reviews as objective as possible, dishing out criticism of Nokia’s devices as I see fit. Not once has Nokia stepped in to ask me to tone down or be nicer. You can expect me to remain as objective as I have always been

I haven’t had time to play much with the N9, but I will get to it today and over the weekend. You can expect screenshots and reviews.


In the meantime, I must say that the user interface is clean, sweet and elegant. It actually reminds me a lot of WebOS.

It actually feels good to be one of the very first individuals to own one of this very rare device running MeeGo/Harmattan. Too much swagga. Thanks to everyone who sent in felicitations. Much appreciated.

For anyone planning on buying this collector’s item off me, its yours for just $1 million only. That’s a mere N165 million. Not much.

Please fire away your questions in the comments section below.

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  1. Congrats on having this rare gem.
    Unboxing in a car is not a bad idea, considering that your blog is all about mobility. But out of the peering eyes of the Lagos bad boys sha.
    Pls help find out how soon we can get it to buy in Nigeria. It’s already selling in other parts.

  2. Yomi, Sorry for going off topic but at least it is part of the pics you posted; you have well manicured hands! And fingers. I always notice the little things.

    By the way, the N9 looks grande. It’s a good phone. A nice deign. I’d really want to know about the data consumption rate, if is as glutinous as Android. Also the UI! At least if you could express whether it’s better than the Windows phone Mango device you just used will be highly appreciated.

    Final note, the packaging is so similar to what you find in Apple products! Nokia has so far improved a lot in their premium products!

  3. Me likey…

    I can imagine what it feels like to be the first person to own the Nokia N9 in Nigeria.

    When will it be available in stores and how much will it go for?

  4. That’s ????-???»??D????? gain of hardwork! Keep ????t up bro. G??????????.??????D???? †??? ??????.?????? U????? smiling, U????? no go ever cry!

  5. My kinda phone!!! All Black Errythin! Phone’s looking cool, mature and BOLD! Me likey 😀

  6. ‘you can tell the Men from the Boys …
    By the price of their Toys…’
    – Bang Olufsen

    Inside every adult is that child struggling to express himself
    – Eye.Bee.Kay

  7. Hymmmmmm I am not jealous at all for one who has paid his dues.N9 N8 N9 N8 which should I go for.Pls make sure you are very objective or else I will ‘kidnap’ you or will it be ‘mannap’ this time around.

  8. Mr mobility commented via Anna browser on N9?? Thought anna browser is for symbian alone and not meego?

  9. Not jealous, the N8 is still the boss. Thanks to Nokia care Ikeja for changing my phone casing for free, my N8 is looking brand new again. Hmm, but I thought the N8 was meant to be scratch proof .. Ok off topic, hello N9 welcome to mobility.

  10. @Telneting, All

    Just wanna find out if a broken screen can void my warranty on the Nokia N8. Got mine cracked about 2 months ago and just 3 days ago, the phone switched off anÐ couldn’t come on anymore. I was at Slot today for them to help drop it at Nokia Care and they told me that Nokia won’t fix it since it has a broken screen. Please help!!! I need you guys suggestions as it’s hard to lose such a device on nothing. I wouldn’t mind paying for repairs if Nokia wants me to.

    Thank you

  11. Bro, how on earth did that happen? I’m sure you are definitely going to pay for a new screen, the Nokia care lady that attended to me told me I was lucky her (red/white) boss was around and told them to change my casing for free because I should have been charged. I don’t think the warranty covers accidents as such… I was prepared to pay for mine though but got it for free so give it a shot you never can tell.

  12. The only reason they wouldn’t fix it is if you have unscrewed it elsewhere, hope no one has tampered with it? If it has been unscrewed elsewhere then don’t even bother going to Nokia.

  13. I hope it will be reasonably priced when it hits the stores, Yomi please do a video review of this device.

  14. @Telneting and Kenjnr. When my phone feel inside water and refused to come on, I paid 15k at Nokia care to fix it. When the phone died during an unsuccessful flashing attempt, they surprisingly fixed it for free.

    Just go there and ask them outright. Even if you pay, at least you know they will do a professional job.

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