Some of you must have observed my silence here for about a week. Well, I have been ill. I am much better now, thanks. My

Yomi's video version of "Oliver" by D'banj

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Some of you must have observed my silence here for about a week. Well, I have been ill. I am much better now, thanks.

My wife and I were having a good time watching some of the tons of videos uploaded to Youtube for the Oliver Dance video competition when I got naughty and decided to record something too.

With a Nokia E7 available, my wife was co-opted as an emergency cameraman. To keep the video size down, we set the E7 to shoot in TV high quality mode instead of HD. After shooting, I still converted the file to Web/email format, so its further compressed from the original 88MB file to a mere 9.8MB size.

Oh, of course; we had the kids as the audience!


In case you missed it, D’banj has a new single out titled “Oliver”, and his crew have setup a competition centred on the track. To participate in the competition yourself, simply record a video clip of yourself or your group dancing/jonzing to the Oliver song, upload to YouTube and email the link to

The videos will be judged based on how entertaining they are.


1st: $2500

2nd: $2000

3rd: $1500

4th: $1000

5th: $500

Top 10 entries will be part of the Official Oliver video

Top 50 gets a FREE Koko Mobile Handset.

What do you think of my video? Should I mail the link to Mo’Hits?

Download the MP3 file
Download Oliver by D’banj


  1. …by the way, ALWAYS take our PERMISSION before taking ill next time.

    Otherwise, you will get the ‘Gadaffi TREATMENT.’…;-)

  2. nice vid.. Would have loved to see the kids in it too. Would have been healthy family fun and would get u closer to winning the prize

  3. Mr Mobility, didn’t know u danced so well, i can’t stop laughing though. You should have stuffed up your knickers to enable u shake your bum-bum at the tail end of the video, it would have bin much more hilarious.
    You can go ahead to post it – the olympics is not to win but participate -, good video quality (compared to another entry i saw) and its stable too – kudos to ur wife.

  4. Wow….that is hilarious. I had to save it on my phone to show my wife. We laughed out hearts out. Especially towards the end when you were hitting your bumbum. Lol. But I think I am going to make mine too and send it in. Lol

  5. Mr Yomi, I’ve learnt some new dressing skills too! tucking in your top on your boxers. lol. nice step! enjoy. Congrats on becoming a global brand.

  6. Funso, you even missed! If my wife had covered me down to my feet, you would have seen some more new age dressing – stocking on only one foot. Really cool.

  7. Happy to have you back.

    Dancing is a gr8 exercise and this was highly entertaining.

    laugh done kill me online

  8. You are the reason for my listenong to d’banj’s song. And seriously all i could do was laugh

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