You can now manage your Gmail account in Yahoo Mail

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Back in October 2015, brought you news of the new and super Yahoo Mail app that doesn’t require a password to login and that let’s you manage your other email accounts. At the time, you couldn’t manage Gmail from it yet. But that has changed now. Yahoo Mail now has full Gmail support too.

As of today, Yahoo Mail lets you manage your Gmail,, Hotmail and AOL Mail accounts right from its own interface.

You can access your full Gmail mail archive in the new Yahoo Mail. You will also have full access to your contacts, as well as be able to search your full email archives across different accounts. Sounds great.

Multiple mailbox support for Gmail within Yahoo Mail is available globally today in the Yahoo Mail apps for Android and iOS, and on the desktop browser.

Thanks to Kay for the tip-off!


  1. I believe Gmail actually have such a feature to manage other email services embedded in its current itinerations..

  2. The “super app” has not been super in any sense, I’ve had to uninstall if from my phone. Gmail does all email lifting now.

  3. Using an android phone, why would I need to manage my Gmail from my Yahoo app when I can do the reverse? I actually had to delete Yahoomail app from my phone

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