Google Wallet has just made it easier to send money to anyone with a phone. Now you can send money to anyone in your contact

You can now send money by SMS: Here’s how

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Google Wallet has just made it easier to send money to anyone with a phone. Now you can send money to anyone in your contact list using just a phone number. Here are the steps:

  1. Install the Google Wallet app for Android or iOS
  2. Initiate process to send money and select the option to send via SMS
  3. When you send money to a phone number, the recipient will get a text message with a secure link.
  4. The recipient doesn’t need to have the Google Wallet app installed to receive the cash. They can simply enter their debit card to claim the money and it will be available in their bank account within minutes.

This service is currently US only, so if you are resident outside of the USA, don’t get too excited yet.

Download Google Wallet for Android or Google Wallet for iOS.


  1. Sigh – you really need to put in the headline these things are only available in the US so that some of us won’t get excited already. I was just about to experiment with a guinea pig…

  2. Lol. Always US only

    when this finally reach Africa, trust Nigerian politicians, They will launder cash like say tomorrow no dey

  3. Are you implying that Nigerian politicians will use Google Wallet to launder money like there’s no tomorrow? Err excuse me, they can carry money in a “Ghana Must Go” bag and no one will stop them! Let the likes of you or me try to transfer $50,000 online and see what would happen.

  4. I think the cashless policy might affect that ‘ghana must go’ approach. You can what is unravelling with Dasuki and co.

    When Google money transfer comes, those kinda of money will be harder to trace

  5. I hate to be a killjoy Femi but the cashless policy applies to the likes of you and me.

    The political classes are exempted. Didn’t you hear the story last year or so of a political somebody that had a bag with millions stolen from their parked vehicle? Or the person who got into a car accident but thanked God the hundreds of thousands they had on them wasn’t taken?

    Those people will not be moving their money via the likes of Google Wallet. The banking system isn’t robust enough to stop some of these big movements of money, though the current investigations by the EFCC show that at least some the monies can often be traced and accounted for.

    If this Google Wallet can work across borders – I doubt it will sadly – it would make the likes of PayPal and potentially Western Union redundant. If only we had a system that crossed borders like this…sigh!

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