You can now type in Yoruba and Igbo languages on Swiftkey

Yoruba and Igbo lovers of SwiftKey keyboard Swiftkey will be excited to hear that the app now has support for both languages. Oh glory!

Yes; you can now type in Yoruba with SwiftKey. And if the Igbo language is your choice, the keyboard app now supports it too.

swiftkey keyboard - type in igbo language - type in yoruba language

Now you can bang (sorry, swipe) away in Igbo language and Yoruba language as easily as you could do in English. Well done, Swiftkey.

To type in Yoruba or Igbo

To use either language, download and install Swiftkey on your Android device, then go to Settings -> Language and Input: select your preferred language, in this case Igbo or Yoruba. That’s it.

PS: Thanks to EyeBeeKay for the tip!



  1. I don’t speak any kadankada of Hausa, but I don’t see that listed.

    Seems odd, as Hausa is even more widely spoken than Ibo and Yoruba joined together.

    1. Widely spoken but less used on the net. Remember Hausa is documented in both Arabic (Ajami script) and Greek Alphabets. The programmers might have problem deciding.

  2. Swift key for swiftly ni.. Android L keyboard is still d best IMO, aesthetics n all… Then touchpal.. But for the users to, big congrats to y’all

  3. Thanks for the very useful information. Can I please have a link to the site where I can download the swiftkey app for yoruba?

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