You can now use Cortana on your iPhone and Android smartphone

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Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, has been hailed on all sides. Hitherto only available for Windows devices, the app is now available for Android and iOS devices as well. Note though that it is available only in USA and China for now, but its availability will be expanded over time. Will Cortana ever be available for BlackBerry 10?


Download: Cortana for Android | Cortana for iOS


  1. lol, highly unlikely that it’ll make it to the BB10 platform. the platform is sinking, even Facebook hasn’t updated the official BB10 app in months

  2. Can you sideload Cortana to the BB10 and more importantly, will it work? I can’t wait for it to become available elsewhere.

  3. On my Android phone, I think I’d still prefer to use Google Now even though I have Cortana installed as well…

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