You can’t check your data usage balance while on MTN BIS, Why?

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This issues has been on for a while, and most people have gotten used to it. I have the 4 major network SIM cards : MTN, GLO, Airtel, and Etisalat, and I’ve subscribed for and used BIS (BlackBerry Internet Subscription) on all four SIM’s. One thing I noticed was that MTN never specifies your total, or used megabytes.

On Etisalat, you check your data balance by dialing *228#, and everything shows up.

On Airtel, you dial *141*712*0# to check your data balance

On Glo you have to text Status to 777 to reveal your data balance.

While on the black sheep, MTN, you don’t know how many megabytes you’re given after subscribing. When you text Status to 21600 to check, you get something like this :

Y’ello, Your active BBCMONTH subscription will expire on Sun 01:20 PM, 24 Aug 2014. Your BB Data usage is within fair usage. Thank You!

From the text, you don’t know how much data you were allocated, and you don’t know how much data you have left. Why is this so?

From careful data monitoring, we discovered the total allocated data is about 2.5GB, and after that, they start eating into your credit. Its really saddening that they won’t allow someone keep tabs on how they’re data is being used. Can someone tell us why MTN is behaving like this? 🙄


  1. Non Transparency In Anything Gives Room For Duplicity.

    So Also Is Deliberate Non Full_Disclosure. Very Prevalent With Our Networks…

    To Go A Bit Tangential, Why Does Mtn Tell You You Don’t Have Enough Credit To Call Out When Your Call Credit Is Low (Like N30), But Allows You Call Out After The Second Trial?

  2. Clearly deliberate…I suspect they see it as a buffer preventing ‘illegal’ usage of the BIS switch on other platforms. Maybe they reason that, if you cannot know your data balance then you wouldn’t dare try a cheat with their BIS plan.

    So much secrecy attached to the thing, makes me laugh.

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