You can’t repair anything on the new Apple iMac

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Apple and their ways. The recently launched iMac with 21.5-inch Retina 4k display has just been opened by iFixit, and here are some of their interesting discoveries.

imac-teardownCompared to the former iMac, the fan and HDD and the speakers are all the same. The other shocking part is that the logic board, RAM and every other thing are soldered together. This simply means, there’s no chance of upgrading any of it’s parts. It can’t be replaced or even repaired when damaged.

Will this stop people from buying this? Below is a Teardown video review from iFixit.



  1. this isn’t the first time Apple is doing this, it’s a more obvious form of planned obsolescence. if users can’t upgrade hardware components they’re basically forced to buy new systems

  2. It’s pretty obvious that apple wants users using their products the apple way. Only the apple way, not the users’ way.

    If you are not cool with this, stay away from Apple Inc products. In all fairness though, you mostly dont have to repair their products but the fact that you even have no choice to begin with, is a lil scary.

  3. The only Apple way I can see here is a company bent on milking their customers of all they are worth and then some,so if I used my hard earned money to buy a product I should not be able to get it repaired if need be,because it’s the Apple way..

  4. Either the apple way or stay away. That’s the logic here. And since it’s working for them, it’s unlikely things change

  5. What of the guarantee? Maybe Apple thinks the best way to protect this toy is keeping it intact. Its an economic thing. Less work for those at their customer care/service

  6. I don’t really understand why people complain about the way Apple Inc runs? First off, I have not heard of people complain about their product being faulty, and if it is, they have a good warranty system. So, if they see the need that their product cannot be repaired after purchase, then they are pretty confident it won’t go bad.

    As for being not upgradable, if you no get money no buy Apple. So let Apple continue to fall from the trees, and we’ll continue to bite…

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