You don’t like Android’s UI? Here are some custom skins

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There are lots of custom Android skins, but most of them are minor adjustments to the pure Android experience. Android 4.4 KitKat features a more refined user interface than previous versions of the OS. Here is what the home looks like:

Home launchers don’t fix the problem, since you run into vanilla Android once you leave the home to do something elsewhere. Custom skins are the way to go, as the modifications go beyond just the home. If like me you like Android’s functionality but find vanilla Android not so nice, here are some Android OS smartphone brands that hide the vanilla Android away and give you a more refined user experience.

Gionee’s Amigo

Gionee Amigo UI
I am absolutely in love with Gionee’s Amigo UI. It effectively hides Android so well that you would be forgiven if at first you did not know that you were looking at Android OS when you use their smartphones.

HTC’s Sense

HTC Sense UI 5
HTC’s Sense UI is sweet. Sense UI used to be heavy but recent reviews suggest that it has now been trimmed down nicely.

Samsung’s TouchWiz

Samsung TouchWiz
Samsung’s TouchWiz has come a long way. It packs in a lot of extra functionality, but in my opinion that’s also the problem. It is too busy with features that most people will never use. Too much unwanted stuff (bloatware).

Honorary Mention: Sony

Sony Togari UI
Sony’s custom UI is one of the best polished without too much bloatware piled in. On the flip side, it doesn’t do much to hide Android as much as the others do either.

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  1. No that’s not my reason, you already explained the difference between launchers and custom skins, rather I was expecting something more in depth like theming and third party skins.

  2. Skins, themes, and launchers? whatever!
    The best interface changing app I’ve come across is Themer. use it on my Moto G and it’s amazing. wish I could post a picture.

    1. Hi Habeebpain, where did you buy your Moto G from? Online or in-store? I ve been searching everywhere for it. Will be seriously waiting for your reply.

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