You’ll soon be able to install Windows apps on your Android phones. Check this out

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Remember BlueStacks – the emulator app that let’s you install and run Android apps on your PC. Oh yeah! I used it too. Even though the was sometimes buggy, it still worked all the same. Have you ever thought of doing the reverse? I mean actually installing Windows PC apps on your Android phone or tab.


This company called CrossOver wants to make this possible. CrossOver develops compatibility layers that enable Windows apps run on Linux and Mac OS X. Part of their work is the open-source Wine project. This project is aimed at reworking the Windows API to allow Windows applications work on (Android) other operating systems.

This app comes with it’s limitations. It will only work on Android devices with Intel or AMD processors, also there might be issues with Windows applications not working well with Android’s touchscreen and virtual keyboard. The app is still in testing mode and the company plans to launch it before the end of 2015.

Are you excited?



  1. Wine was (is?) a great emu-lator (see what i did there?)
    pretty sure this will be good, but the Intel/AMD SoC requirement leaves ~ 80% of Android devices out of the picture, as Qualcomm, MediaTek & Samsung SoCs are all based on ARM architecture

  2. I foresee an issue with how these Apps which are not optimized for mobiles will work out,might not give the best possible renditions,to put it mildly..

  3. Tabs and phablets will surely fair better. Then the issue of apps size and android storage capacity will also come to play.

    Another ‘core/processor’ race if this development prove popular

  4. No, I am.not excited.

    Android being surfeit with more apps than you can shake a stick at, why would anyone want to waste time on this sort of project? Perhaps for kicks, to prove that it can be done?

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