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Mobile repeater

A mobile repeater is a device used for boosting mobile phone reception in a small area by re-broadcasting the signal picked up from your network operator. This provides improved signal strength to the end user. The benefits include clearer reception and audio, as well as improved phone battery life. Phones generally consume more battery in areas of weak signals. An improved signal translates to improvements in battery life.

There is also the question of legality. If I remember well, rebroadcasting signals without regulatory approval is illegal. Anyone with more information?

I have never seen or used one, but it shouldn’t be out of place that someone here has actually used a repeater. Perhaps someone who lives and/or works in remote areas? A few questions:

1. Where did you get it from?
2. What brand/make was it?
3. Did you have to get any official permission to deploy it?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


  1. With this things being available off the shelf, it would appear it wouldn’t require a license to use..

    It would be similar to those devices you attach to a television set, and you can retransmit the signals to within a certain perimeter, for other tv receivers to receive..

    If you are in, or passing through, an area of low signal strength, this would be a life saver.

    I would think an itinerant Salesman would find this gadget quite handy.

  2. I have never used one but I know somebody who markets it. I don’t think it requires any special license to use. One is actually doing the GSM company a favour by using it.

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