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In the beginning, MOBILITY blog was located at Years later when .COM.NG domains became available, we switched to, while still keeping the old address active and pointing here. With the further liberalization of .NG domains, we have acquired as well and pointed it here too. This means that your favourite mobile lifestyle blog is now available via three distinct URLs, namely:


All the above are part of our online real estate. Use whichever works for you, though we expect that the shorter the URL, the more convenient it will be for you. Don’t forget too that this site is very mobile-friendly and adapts to whatever screen size your device may have, ranging from phones through tablets to PCs. We have you covered, and we have Mobility in Nigeria covered.

Don’t forget, the latest addition is


  1. what is the significance (in practical terms) of the. .NG second level domain, as against the existing .COM.nG?

    why the rush for it?

    Is it not much ado about nothing?

  2. Eye.Bee.Kay, it’s not so much about level domains, you buy your brand and keep it under your umbrella. Which means if someone accidentally types or, they all fall under Mr Mo’s “brand”.

    Companies do it all the time (if they get in there early enough!)

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