In today’s age of super-smart phones, it is easy to forget how far we have come since mobile technology took off in these parts. I

Which was your first mobile phone ever?

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In today’s age of super-smart phones, it is easy to forget how far we have come since mobile technology took off in these parts. I thought it would be some fun for us to go down memory lane and talk about our first mobile phones.


Mine was the Motorola T2288 Talkabout. It had a Monochrome display of 96 x 64 pixels, showing 4 lines of text. The built-in phonebook stored up to 100 entries and call records were limited to Call records 10 dialed, 5 received, 5 missed calls only.

first mobile phone - Motorola T2288 Talkabout


Oh, its WAP 1.1 browser was cutting edge for 2001 too. So was the conspicous antenna that jutted up from one side of the top of the phone. Of course, there was no GPRS, so I could only browse via dialup after some relatively tedious setup. I remember using Mtech’s WAP settings then for my mobile browsing.


Need I mention too that the T2288 preceded the days of colour screens and removable memories? No pictures on the phone. no music player. No video player. No calendar. No FM Radio. No GPS. No everything else. It was a true mobile phone, nevermind the modern pretenders to the name.


I can imagine that if I was given a copy of the T2288 today to use as my primary mobile device for 24 hours, I would probably die of frustration before the trial period was over. I mean you could announce my obituary upfront and wouldn’t have to eat your words.

Still, the Motorola T2288 was my very first mobile phone and served faithfully for years. It was a faithful, rugged friend. I gave it out as a gift eventually and the new owner used it till its last ring.


What was your first mobile phone and what fond memories do you have of it? We will have a picture of the phone inserted in your comment when publishing it.

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  1. Samsung N100My first mobile phone was the Samsung N100 and it cost me N30,000. It was silver coloured and quite compact relative to its contemporaries (remember Nokia 3310). Monochrome display was 124 x 64 pixels, 4 lines of text. Realy loved the flip action and the voice dialing features. I also do remember searching the net endlessly for keypress composed ringtones to implement on the phone. Used it for about a year and gave it to my sis after my boss dashed me the blue colour of the same modeL.

    Funny how technology gets cheaper with time; today a N5,000 phone has more features and beauty.

  2. Hilarious post.

    Nokia E63My first experience with a mobile phone was in 2002. One of my hostel mates managed to bring a nokia 3310. I remember walking around and bending into all sorts of funny contortions, trying to get a good signal while recieving a call. Then, the principal got a Samsung R220 ‘blueface’. You need to see the way we ogled this phone…’blueface!’

    I can’t remember much about my first personal phone except that it was a Motorola something. Heck I consider my first real phone to be this Nokia E63 I’m using to post this comment…and it’s barely three months old.

    You must have been real a geek from way back to do all those clunky wap settings with that motorola talkabout. My dad had that same phone back then, and we couldnt even figure it out 🙂

  3. Nokia 3310mine was nokia 3310, had my first phone in July 2004. Could only allow me to receive 15 text messages, there was no sent item folder only draft. Had loud ringTones. I remember my brother use to compose monophonic tunes with it for me. I had it for a while before moving on to sonyerricson Z200 flip.

  4. My first mobile was a Nokia 3310. GSM came to Maiduguri in 2002 and I bought my 3310 in 2003 at the cost N50,000. My Econet buddie line was purchased at N7000. It felt really empowering to have a mobile phone back then. I remember how much we admire the few people that can afford the Nitel Cell phones before GSM came. I always look back and say it’s worth it. There was a time it accidentally fell into a bucket of water without me noticing. I found it after more than an hour still very much alive under the water. I used that phone up till the end of 2006 before moving to a Motorolla L7. And guess what? It was functioning well when I stopped using it. I just needed a phone with GPRS and Java.

  5. This is going to be one truly hilarious thread of reminiscence, no?

    Alcatel OT311My first phone was the Alcatel OT 311, handed down by my dad in Q3, 2002. I was just a fresh, first year greenhorn at Uniport, and many older male students in the hostel were astounded. They were all busy hustling to get theirs by hook or crook. lol. If there was a crime against over-using phones, then I should be a Lifer with no chance of parole. The poor phone…

    My first smartphone is the Nokia 5320 Xpressmusic. I love the phone, and still use it after 16 months.

  6. Sony J7Mine was a Sony J7 bought in 2001. It had a jog dial which was hard 2 come by in those days: it also had polyphonic ringtones, a greysacle display, some good games n had no external antenna. It had predictive text and you could record sounds with its mike to use as a ringtone. After that, i moved on to motorola accompli, another beauty ahead of its time. It was a flip phone with a wide greyscale touchscreen display. Had very good voice clarity, and a stylus for could install apps on it via a pc. It set the stage for the iphone, nokia n900 etc.

  7. Ericsson A2618My first phone was an ericsson A2618.

    I got it in 2003 during econet’s phonocracy. I would spend hours looking at the phone amazed at the technology. I would almost cuddle the phone when sleeping. I must add the phone looked like a feeding bottle or better stilla walkie talkie.

  8. Nokia 3330 with small one alcatel one touch cant remember the model.. Used to feel top of the world then, still have d carcass of the 3330- Museum items.

    The 3330 was an exact physical copy of the 3310. Some of the internals were different – admin

  9. Sagem myX-1hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….my first handset was a black Sagem myX-1 in Q1 2004. The very first handset in Nigeria to come with pre-recorded tru-tone. The volume of that “machine” could induce nightmares if it rang late at night. I was d envy of all boys in my hostel. I moved on to Nokia 1100, the very first to have the flashlight “app”, and I felt grand.

    Anyways, my first “smartphone” was Nokia 3650 and that phone is a true legend.

  10. mine oh mine! me an yomi used the same phone the T2288 talkabout, mine had an orange mobile logo on it.gosh! i got it 3rd hand from a guy for 8k during my nysc year-2003.I used to carry it about fully charged without a simcard(i must charge every night.Then I took a suicide move-during econet bonanza in Bauchi where i was serving,i bought an econet line with the whole of my alawi – SEVEN THOUSAND,FIVE HUNDRED NAIRA.

    I nicked name the phone weapon of mass distruction – it looked and feel sturdy.i used to have anntena isue with it, calls will just freeze some times. And the pin charger port was also an issue forme, kept taking it to a corper friend who is an electrical engineer-nothing like a gsm engineer, at least not in Bauchi metropolis in 2003.

    from there i move to the almighty sagem x-6, very poweful, wap engine,colours,java,went internet mobile with a glo simcard in october 2005

  11. First smartphone, the fat Sendo X with a 32mb memory card jampacked with more things than I can remember. Wasn’t bad apart from its being temperemantal at times. @admin I think the 3330 was a few microns smaller than the 3310 too.

    Sendo X

  12. Ha. Mine was a motorola t190 in the year 2004 with a glo play later line(it was hell using glo cause other networks would not interconnect with glo) had to get it cause i kept getting home late. It is a mono chorme display but very durable. I remember holding and swinging the phone from its antenna(it still functioned after that). I got it at N9300 and still have the receipt today for sentimental reasons.

    Motorola T190

  13. Alcatel 311This is too emotional, its like seeing old friends after a real long while.

    I miss all these phones. I have been a GSMarena visitor since 1998 and i do nothing else on that site than to check out phones and admire them, my overnight browsings are still fresh in my memories.

    I was so good that i could recognise and tell you the functions of any phone, nowadays, there are so many phones that I find it hard to catch up.

    Finally, I was able to aford a phone in 2003. Alcatel OT 311

  14. my first ever smartphone experience was nokia 6600. am sure u will agree with me it was a fantastic phone by those days standards..
    Nokia 6600

  15. My first phone ever was a Nokia 3310! I was so excited for the phone. ANd I used to boast of its “Myriad” of functions!

    Like Bosun, I was always on Gsmarena, but also on mobile-review too. You could call it window shopping.

    Yes, there are so many phones now, and it so difficult to keep up. But we try to do so all the same.

    I could boast that my Nokia 3310 may have been the best phone in its segment those days. It cost me 22, 000 NGN! Those old days! SO much nostalgia!

  16. Sagem MC3000Mine was a Sagem. Sagem MC 3000 to be precise. It was a lovely phone.

    The time was way back in 2001, a friend of mine and a gsm dealer came in with the Sagem and a motorola talkabout. The choice was not difficult. It was love at first sight with the alluring “horn” and those sweet blinking lights, motorola talkabout could just not compete. I bought it for N17,000.00 inclusive of my MTN sim card. I think there was a small promo going on then. The Nokia 3310 was everywhere and very costly. My sagem was just the best phone then. Not too common and very sweet looking.

    Funny thing, at that time, Sapele had no mobile network. I used to travel all the way to Warri just to make calls (mostly to my brother in the United States). I was loading N2,500 every two weeks to avoid being cut off by MTN. It was a big rip off by the two available networks in those days.

  17. Siemens A35My first phone was a Siemens A35. It was blue in colour and I considered it really beautiful then. Can’t remember the screen size, but it had one line of text and reading a text message meant that the text scrolled side ways. No GPRS, no infra-red, no camera and all the things we take for granted on a mobile phone today were all absent.

    Still I had fun with the phone.

  18. My first handset was Nokia 3310. A very popular model with the addictive game of ‘Snake’. A very tough set, I must say.

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