Your iPhone may have NSA spyware on it

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According to certain reports going round, the NSA is capable of installing and running spyware on all iPhones, with access to user data including SMS messages, contacts, and even a user’s location by utilizing cell tower information. The same spyware can grant the NSA remote access to the iPhone’s camera and microphone. Even worse, there are speculations that the NSA rerouted shipments of brand new iPhones before they went out to consumers to install the spyware, as well as another that Apple may have allowed the NSA access to their products.

Yes; your iPhone may just have NSA spyware on it.



  1. I do occasional torrenting of illegal materials sometimes but apart from that and maybe incurring unduly high data drain due to the activities of such spyware, I really have nothing to worry about these sort of news.

    There’s so much info already deposited with Facebook and other social media sites that I’m more worried about the activities of scammers that may use such pieces of information to harm me than what the NSA choose to do with whatever info gathered from my device. Maybe when I engage into more serious crime than helping myself to some digital materials, I will then begin to worry.

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