Your iPhones will now support Android watches, says Google

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If you own an iPhone, and would like to try out the Android smartwatch (running Android Wear), then rejoice, Because Google has just given you the leverage to do that.

Google has just launched Android Wear for iOS. The Android Wear app will connect your iPhone to your Android Wear watch. Once that is done, notifications from all your iPhone apps will pop up on your wrist. Information ((like traffic alerts, weather and flight status) from Google Now will also periodically come to you.


From the Android Wear app, you can configure your wearable device, like setting which notification will appear on your wrist. Only 3 watches are supported currently: the Huawei Watch, the Asus ZenWatch 2, and the LG Watch Urbane. There’s also no support for older Android Wear devices.

iOS users can download the Android Wear app HERE.



  1. Now that’s a valid reason if any to be able to use an Android Wear! I refuse to use anything that is limited to one operating system – I like my options.

    When it gets to the status of the Pebble – both the original and Time – where I can use a variety of other apps (no Google Now or Siri thanks, Cortana all the way), I might take it a bit more seriously. And if the Motorola 360 is one of the watch options. See, there’s that word again – “options”.

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