YouTube Apps for Windows Phone get updated

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my Tube! and Metrotube, popular YouTube clients for Windows Phone, received updates yesterday. The former now has improved start up time for lower spec’d phones and issues with offline playlists have been fixed. Below is its official change-log:

  • Improved start up times on lower end devices.
  • Fixed issue where playlists in search results didn’t work when tapped on.
  • Fixed issue where videos saved from playlists, or played in the background from playlists played the wrong video.
  • Fixed issue where offline-playlists didn’t work when offline
  • Larger touch-target for music button on video page.

As for Metrotube, touted as a well designed, impressive YouTube client, the developer merely fixed the telling bugs that plagued this app, for instance a bug that prevents users from logging in. Both apps officially cost $0.99 each.

Download myTube! HERE

Download Metrotube HERE

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