We first told you about YouTube Go some months ago. Back then, the app was available for download only in India. Now, Google has officially

Google announces YouTube Go in Nigeria

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We first told you about YouTube Go some months ago. Back then, the app was available for download only in India. Now, Google has officially announced the availability of YouTube Go in Nigeria.

How YouTube Go Works

YouTube Go lets users preview videos in order to decide what to watch or download. Users can also choose the video quality that their internet connection can handle better and proceed to save the video for viewing offline at their own convenience. This helps users manage available internet connections and data consumption better.

Users of YouTube Go can also share videos with family and friends without using data. Google has announced that the YouTube Go app has now been thrown open so the anyone in Nigeria can now download it from the Google Play Store.

YouTube Go in Nigeria

Why YouTube Go In Nigeria?

“YouTube Go has been designed to take into account the challenges faced by YouTube users in countries like Nigeria, such as data cost and connectivity. With YouTube Go, we are making it possible for everyone in Nigeria to be able to discover videos that they love, regardless of their network status or data consumption preferences.” – Johanna Wright, VP Product Management at YouTube.

Google further affirmed that they are working hard to make products that are tailored to Nigerians’ specific needs. The cost and quality of internet access in Nigeria has been a huge bottleneck in the adoption of internet-dependent mobile apps and services. While newer 4G LTE networks are bringing faster mobile internet access to the country, most mobile users are still stuck on 2G and 3G data plans.

Before developing YouTube Go, the YouTube team spent thousands of hours gathering information, conducting interviews, doing testing, and refining the product. The result is YouTube Go, an entirely new YouTube app that is designed to be offline first.

YouTube Go Mobile App Still In Development

The YouTube app is still in development and may be unstable at the time of going to press. There is a statement to this effect in the Android market app, Play Store. Being in development means that Google is using feedback from usage to improve the YouTube Go mobile app.

When you install YouTube Go and launch it, the mobile app will request for your mobile number in order to be able to use it.


  1. Thanks to the YouTube Go team, for caring for we Nigeria, it seems they already know what we are facing, concerning bad internet network in Nigeria. I’m waiting for the app to be well developed, so I can download it.

  2. I’m waiting for such a time when internet service provision in Nigeria would be top-notch so these providers can stop using poor internet service as an excuse to always exclude us when initiating such game changing services.

    In any case, thanks to Google for this move.

  3. What difference does it impact on the YouTube usage? It all still narrow down to the strength of the network provider. It’s a good initiative nonetheless.

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